5 Reasons you should use “What’s in the Bible?”

I was given the opportunity to review What’s in the Bible  not only that,  but I was flattered that they became my sponsor for the 2:1 Conference as well. I wanted to give you 5  reasons I think you should use “What’s in the Bible?”

1- Phil Vischer has a heart for teaching children about the bible using fun characters that make it memorable for the whole family.

2- The DVD’s are packed full of in-depth biblical literacy.

3- You yourself will end up learning more than you think! These DVD Volumes cover information such as  biblical timelines,  consequences of sin, and God’s plan of grace for all of us.

4- The Website is a great bonus to give you resources to reinforce all the information you are learning together. What’s in the Bible has and is creating flash cards to review with each DVD.

5- The Bentley Brother’s (real people) sing great songs to review through certain parts of the bible that maybe forgotten if not for a catchy song. One song that sticks out in my memory is about Elijah in 2 Kings when certain people were trying to kill him.

Phil has outdone himself again. I have really enjoyed watching these with my kids.  The cast is a great variety of real people , puppet interaction and cartoon clips.

Each video teaches a lesson about actual facts from the Bible in an entertaining way. Phil and Buck Denver do a great job of helping everyone stay on track through the video lesson.  *SPOILER ALERT* They even work Star Wars into one of the episodes.  It’s almost like watching a variety show with all the different characters involved. Really , what’s not to l.o.v.e  about this series?

Currently What’s in The Bible? has 7 DVD’s  each series containing two 25-minute episodes.


DVD 1: “In the Beginning” 

DVD 2: Let My People Go [Exodus] 

DVD 3: Wanderin’ in the Desert [Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy]

DVD 4: Battle for the Promised Land! [Joshua, Judges, Ruth]

DVD 5: Israel Gets A King! [1 and 2 Samuel]

DVD 6: A Nation Divided [Kings and Chronicles]

Christmas Special :  Why do we call it Christmas? 60 minute episode. 

Each DVD is only $14.99 . DVD Volumes 2-6 are currently $59.99 for the set.  To see additional pricing for the Church curriculum head on over to their website store.

What’s in The Bible blog is full ideas, encouragement and printables. The website also has parent’s guides you can print out for each DVD.  You will also find on their website an option to buy a church curriculum series as well.  The church curriculum walks you through the 66 books in the Protestant bible. You can stay up to date by signing up for their newsletter, Facebook or Twitter.

I have found this series to be a fantastic educational supplement to my homeschool curriculum. Why not add it to yours?  You wont regret it! Buck Denver Guarantees it!

Kelly is a homeschooling mother of 4 and blogs day by day over at Believe.


  1. I suppose “It’s fun” isn’t reason enough? LOVE those videos!

  2. Ticia I agree. The videos are really fun to watch. 😀

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