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I’ve been to 8 different homeschool conventions: 4 as a parent and 4 as an evaluator/curriculum consultant. I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ve bought the t-shirt, browsed the curriculum, and gleaned from dozens of great speakers. I’m kind of a homeschool convention junkie. Every year when convention season rolls around, I get super excited about what is to come…only to find that many of my friends don’t hold the same excitement. They are plagued with confusion, doubt, and even misconceptions about what a convention is all about.

So today, I thought it was time to clear the air. Time to dispel those commonly held myths about homeschool conventions and bring out the excitement, because in just a few short months…you can have the life-changing privilege of attending my favorite convention.

Myth #1…Conventions are for newbies

To be honest, it’s really quite the opposite. While you will find plenty of workshops for those new to homeschooling, there are far more designed to encourage and equip those who are already in the thick of it.

Myth #2…A homeschool convention is just a place to buy books

This is the most commonly quoted reason for not attending a homeschool convention. I have to admit, a convention is a GREAT place to buy books. Prices are usually discounted, you get to talk to vendors and touch the product, and there is no shipping. BUT-there is so much more to do at a convention that just buy books. A good convention will equip you for the coming year, encourage your weak places, and create a sense of community for your family. If you aren’t getting that—> you are going to the wrong convention.

Myth #3…Conventions are for moms

This might be the biggest misconception. While moms are certainly welcome to come alone (and I have many times), conventions are for FAMILIES. Teach them Diligently is designed to meet the needs of all of your family members through workshops for moms, dads, students, etc. In fact, their very purpose is to equip your entire family as a unit. And the kids? Not only will there be an outstanding children’s program, there will also be a special room for parents with fussy babies/toddlers. That room will have live streaming of the keynote speakers! I can’t tell you how much I would have appreciated that the last time I had a nursing infant.

Myth #4…A homeschool convention is a waste of money, it’s all the same stuff and I’ve been homeschooling for years.

If you put your child in school, you would expect his/her teacher to be up on the latest educational trends, right? How about your doctor? Do you expect him to know the most effective way to cure your ailments? Of course you do! Most professions require annual training and recertification. As a homeschool parent, this is crucial for you too! Even if you have graduated several students, there is always something to learn and always ways to be refreshed. Plus, your presence will serve as an encouragement to the community.

As for the same content at conventions, there is a bit of truth to this one. I’ve been to a convention that had the same speakers and topics the following year and the year after that. That can really be stale, so do your homework and make sure that you attention a convention with fresh content (like Teach them Diligently).

Myth #5…Convention operators are out to make money off of me

As a consumer, I think we often jump to this conclusion with right reasons. I mean, the goal of a business is to turn a profit and sadly, most businesses strive to turn that profit despite the cost. I can only speak for one convention, but Teach them Diligently is unique in it’s purpose. There is a profit, but the profit is poured directly into missions. In fact, last year’s convention profits went toward the opening of a preschool in Poland through Worldwide Tentmakers. To be honest, it would have been hard to miss that fact if you attended the convention. The love of missions was in the air!

Myth #6…I won’t fit in at a homeschool convention

It’s funny. The first time my friend went to a homeschool convention with me she asked if it would be okay if she didn’t wear a jean skirt. I laughed hysterically at the thought. Personally, I don’t own a jean skirt. (Nothing against them, they just don’t make them to fit me.) This conversation with my friend reminded me that we often obsess over fitting in and that obsession is rooted in false ideas. Friend, I promise that you will fit in with the homeschooling crowd. Even if you don’t wear jean skirts. Even if you DO. Even if you have one kid… or 11 kids. Even if you are a single mom who would love to bring dad along, but can’t. There is a place for you here and you are loved. Please come. (And hey- I’ll be at all three conventions without a jean skirt and without a husband, but graciously loved by our Father…please find me, I’d love to meet you!)

Myth #7…All homeschool conventions are created equally

I was spoiled early with conventions. I started with one of the best, so when my home state convention was a flop, I actually drove 7 hours and two states over to attend a different one the next year. ALL homeschool conventions are not created equally. They are different in focus, different in purpose, and different in principal. I certainly can not speak for them all, but I can tell you there are some you should avoid and some that will bless you. Teach them Diligently will bless you. The community, the love, the encouragement will overwhelm you like no other convention. And if that is somehow not enough…you can rest in the fact that they can be trusted. From the vendors to the volunteers, every single hand has been prayed over in preparation for you. Oh, I can hardly wait until May!

Speaking of May, now that I have you excited about attending a convention this year…wouldn’t you love to win a family pass for the Teach them Diligently convention of your choice?

Well, you can. Just enter in the rafflecopter below. Winners will be announced next Tuesday, so be sure to come back for the big news!
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  1. I’ve been wanting to attend one since you first told me about your experience at TTD. I know you will bless many hearts as you minister this year!

  2. Nashville!

  3. I’ve been to a few conventions, but never to TTD. It looks like such a great one!

  4. Oops, forgot to answer the question! I’m thinking Nashville would be the one for us.

  5. Christi Evangelo says:

    I would love to win this! I am torn between going to SC or Nashville ( I’m in Ga) I think I’d choose Nashville!

  6. I have never been to a convention before and would love to go and Nashville isn’t too far away!!

  7. Teach Them Diligently is one of the conventions I really hope to attend at some point! And, bonus! I keep hearing how awesome Nashville is as a town!

  8. Jeannie Craig says:

    Getting excited about attending this exciting convention!!

  9. I want to go to this convention soooooo bad!! Just can’t afford it this year 🙁 Maybe I’ll win!

  10. I would attend in Omaha.

  11. I would love tickets to Nashville!

  12. Most likely Nashville!

  13. Oh yes- I would LOVE to go to a Homeschooling Convention- and with this one coming to Nashville, TN, it would be PERFECT to win tickets to this one!

    (Keeping my fingers crossed…)

  14. Tessa Smith says:

    We would probably go to Nashville…they are all so far away from us, good excuse to take a road trip and explore!

  15. I have been homeschooling for five years…never been to a convention and REALLY want to go! The one in Spartanburg, SC is the closest, so that is the one I would choose. 🙂

  16. I’d love to go to the one here in Nashville!

  17. Nashville!! I would also LOVE to meet Sally Clarkson 🙂

  18. We are hoping to go to Nashville

  19. Jennifer Freeman says:

    I hope to go to Nashville!

  20. I would attend in Spartanburg; I’ve been thinking about going, and appreciate your post!

  21. I ‘d like to go to the one in Omaha.

  22. Amy Carder says:


  23. Nashville!

  24. I would love to go to the one in Spartanburg.

  25. Mary Smith says:


  26. Wendy Pace says:


  27. Spartanburg or Nashville

  28. I would love to win tickets to the one in Omaha, Nebraska!

  29. Sarah Brooks says:

    Would love to win tickets to Nashville! New homeschool mom!! 🙂

  30. Meredeth Johnston says:

    So excited this is coming to Nashville!

  31. Spartanburg :)!

  32. I’ve never been to a convention. After 5 years of homeschooling it is probably about time! I’d love to bring my husband too.

  33. Spartanburg would be the closest to us! GREAT article. Never been to a convention, but this is the one I’d like to try first!

  34. I am probably equal distance from Spartanberg and Nashville, so I can’t decide!

  35. I would very much like to attend a homeschool conference. I never had. I would go to Nashville.

  36. I would love to attend the one in Nashville.

  37. Michelle Devine says:

    Great speakers!I would attend in Nashville.

  38. Nashville!!!

  39. I would love to win because it will also be held in Omaha this year!

  40. It would be awesome to win this and attend in Spartenburg!!!

  41. Spartanburg!

  42. Been homeschooling for 5 years now. I’ve never been to a conference before. I’m glad I saved my first for Teach Them Diligently. I would be attending in Nashville! Hope I win!!

  43. I have been homeschooling for four years now and I can say I have never attended one. My family would love to go to the one in Nashville!

  44. Tessa Smith says:

    Nashville would probably be the closest for us!

  45. We would love to visit Nashville!

  46. Nashville!

  47. While Spartanburg is the closest to me, I’d probably try to go the one in Omaha to visit a dear friend one last time before she moves overseas for a while.

  48. I’d love to visit the Spartanburg convention. I need the focus on heart training.

  49. Niki Parris says:

    I have never been to a convention, and I would love to attend Teach Them Diligently. I am in Upstate, SC, so Spartanburg would be great!!!

  50. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! Nashville!

  51. I would go to the one in Nashville, thinking about making this the homeschool convention of my choice for the year this would seal the deal!

  52. Nashville!

  53. Would love to attend the Nashville convention. 🙂

  54. I would like to attend the Spartanburg convention

  55. Heather E. says:

    I would love to attend in Nashville, but would most likely go to Spartanburg since it is closer to me!

  56. Would love to attend either TN or SC. I’m new to homeschooling. This is our first year and your conference was recommended by friends. We are willing to drive the 6 plus hours for the conference and would love to win registration. We have two boys 13 & 10.

  57. I would attend in Spartanburg! Thanks for the give a way!!

  58. Can’t wait to see you at Omaha.

  59. Omaha, Nebraska!

  60. Spartenburg

  61. Omaha! I would love to attend my first homeschool conference!

  62. We are hoping to attend the Omaha convention but have been putting off registering due to the expense. It would be so exciting to win tickets! Thanks for the opportunity. 🙂

  63. Looking forward to Nashville!

  64. I’d love to go to the Omaha conference.

  65. We are new to homeschooling and super excites to attend the convention!! Hope we win!

  66. Kristi cox says:


  67. I would go to Spartanburg!

  68. Cyndi Allgood says:

    I would love to win tickets to the Spartanburg convention. It will be our first year attending!

  69. Nashville!

  70. I would love to go to the one in Omaha. This would be my first homeschool convention.

  71. I’m so sorry you had such a poor experience at your state homeschool convention. Our state homeschool convention is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G for all of the reason you outlined in your post. I love that it is not-for-profit. The money made at the convention helps my state organization run which ensures that my freedom to continue homeschooling will be protected. Knowing that it wasn’t all that long ago people were jailed for homeschooling their children and seeing the scary stories from overseas, I’m thrilled for the opportunity to support my state organization and keep homeschooling legal! I can’t wait to be encouraged again this year at the convention.

    I agree with your recommendation. Everyone should try to get to a convention. It is well worth it!

  72. Dierdre Chadwick says:

    I have wanted to come to this Convention and have not been able to! The 5 of us would love to win tickets to the Spartanburg convention!

  73. I’ll be attending in Spartanburg. I attended last year and loved it!

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