A Homeschooling Spring Clean

As March rolls around, the first signs of spring are in the air.  Easter is fast approaching.  My thoughts turn to finishing up the school year, and purchasing and lining up our curriculum for the upcoming year.

Spring is also a traditional time to do some extra deep cleaning around the house.  We  like to focus on clearing out clutter during Lent and doing some deep cleaning during Holy Week (the week leading up to Easter).

Why not take some time to focus on homeschool materials? After the holidays I tackled our school area.  Sometimes I find it a challenge to focus when areas of my home feel cluttered.  One area that seems to get cluttered most quickly is our school area.

I tackled our school area right after the Christmas holidays.  This year I was determined to purge.  I finally decided to toss some of the hands on preschool/kindergarten items I was still holding in my grip.  My younger children still played with the items once in a while, but not enough to warrant hanging on to the materials.  Plus, every time I looked at said material, I felt guilty that I wasn’t utilizing them more often.  It was a great relief to admit it was time to let go and then pass the items along.

We all have that curriculum that we thought was going to be “perfect” but it turned out not to be true, at least for our circumstances and our family.  Perhaps it’s time to pass the curriculum on, or sell it to a family that will actually benefit from the curriculum.  If we keep everything “just in case”, well, we could probably earn ourselves a spot on a television program.  Being a good steward of our things also means knowing when to let go!

To aid in the process of weeding through the maze of homeschool material, I created a Spring Cleaning Your Homeschool printable

If you are in the mood for more spring cleaning tips, check out my Spring Cleaning Pinterest board.


  1. Sigh, I really need to do this…….

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