Add Life To The End Of The School Year

With only a few weeks left in the school year, unhealthy we sometimes find ourselves just going through the motions trying to make our way through the rest of our curriculum before summer hits. The kids can even be just “doing the time” to check their daily lessons off the list. We all need some life infused into our home educating.

Fortunately, viagra sale spring is known for bringing new life. The weather is warming up and curriculums are winding down. Sounds like time and opportunity are lining up to help you make it through the year! Try some of these ideas and see if they add some life back into your homeschool.

  • Take the books outside- It’s amazing what simply taking the same old textbooks outside in the sun and fresh air can do!
  • Take a hike- Nature walks are great exercise and a great way to build an appreciation for God’s creation. Consider taking sketch pads or notebooks along and find a place to stop on the trail. Record what what you all see or hear.
  • Do a unit study– We usually do a few unit studies throughout the school year to break things up a bit. We love Amanda Bennett’s Unit Studies.
  • Field trips– Spring is a great time to visit local zoos, parks and botanical gardens. It is also a great time to visit local plant nurseries and greenhouses.

Do you need some end of the year life added to your homeschool? Have any other ideas?


  1. Oh the life and fun you can have! We went to an archaeological dig yesterday! It was so awesome and cool! We got to see artifacts from the Cherokee Indians during the early 1700’s. Little pieces of pottery shards, a place where they threw all their trash and broken pottery vessels. Amazing, truly amazing seeing our heritage come alive!! 🙂

  2. We have a year-round schedule, and that really helps. We’ll actually take a whole week off in mid-May and then take our six-week summer break from the end of June through the first week of August (but even then we’ll be doing some academics). Having the breaks to look forward to (generally after six weeks of study) really keeps us going.

    • I have contemplated a year round schedule. I see so many people having great success with it. Wonder if I can sell it to the kids? 🙂

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