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Apologia Exploring Creation Science DVDs

Apologia Exploring Creation Science DVDs

Apologia Exploring Creation Science DVDs

Apologia Exploring Creation Science DVDsI was recently able to preview three spectacular Science DVDs from Apologia.  If you haven’t heard of this company, let me tell you, they are amazing.  They were recently voted the number one publisher of creation-based science and Bible curriculum and have more than fifty top awards from parents and the media. They are trusted by homeschooling families worldwide for their products that are designed to help homeschooling families learn, live and defend their Christian faith.  It’s incredible.

Apologia believes that every academic subject can and should be taught from a biblical worldview.

They publish beautifully designed, high quality curriculum covering a wide range of subjects like Creation-based Science, Biblical worldview, Apologetics, Language Arts and Constitutional Literacy.  They publish awesome planners for students and moms as well as great books for encouragement, advice and vision to succeed on this crazy homeschooling journey.

They also offer interactive online courses called Apologia Online Academy where students can learn science, Bible, worldview and apologetics in a virtual classroom with outstanding instructors.

How about an annual Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Day?  Yep, Apologia hosts one complete with games, contests, giveaway, downloads, webinars and panel discussions.  How nice is that?!  Because homeschooling moms make sacrifices for their families and need to feel appreciated just like public school teachers!!

The list goes on and on.  It’s an amazing company doing great work.

Apologia Exploring Creation Science DVDsAnd these Science DVDs are no different.   I was excited to check them out.   The instructor for all three of these DVDs is Sherri Seligson.  She’s a smart lady with bubbly personality and is a pleasure to watch and listen to.


Exploring Creation with Chemistry 3rd Edition


Apologia Exploring Creation Science DVDsIt’s a 4 disk set.  And FYI you must have a DVD drive on your computer and a program capable of playing .MP4 files.  You must also have a program capable of opening PDF and other image files.  These are not for use in DVD players.

With over 20 hours of chemistry instruction, this is a must have set.  There are animated diagrams of difficult concepts and a video presentation for every experiment in the textbook!!

This DVD will enhance your student’s chemistry course.  Ms. Seligson is a scientist that investigates the properties of matter with interesting experiments, helping students understand the natural world around them in a fun way.


Exploring Creation with Advanced Biology.  2nd Edition.  The Human Body. 


Apologia Exploring Creation Science DVDsThis DVD also features scientist and author Sherri Seligson and again, please note that to use these discs, you must have a DVD drive on your computer and a program capable of playing .wmv files.  You must also have a program capable of opening Powerpoint files.  Not for use in DVD players.

This set has on location footage of over 20 hours of instruction.  It also contains Powerpoint presentations in addition to the animated diagrams of difficult concepts.  This set of DVDs will really help your student to gain a deeper and clearer understanding of human anatomy and physiology that goes beyond a textbook.


Exploring Creation with Biology.  2nd Edition.

Apologia Exploring Creation Science DVDs

This is the set that I was most excited about because my kids are obsessed with animals and Biology.

Again.  I must mention that to use this 4 disc set, you must have a DVD drive on your computer and a program capable of playing .mp4 files.  It’s not meant for use in a DVD player.

This set takes you on location all over the United States and to awesome exotic locals like Caribbean islands and Iceland!  My kids are going to love this curriculum.  I can’t wait.  It features more than 20 hours of instruction, Powerpoint lectures and video presentations from every single experiment in the text book.

If you’re at all nervous about teaching upper level science to your homeschool students, then these DVDs are for you.  You will feel 100 percent comfortable teaching difficult concepts and experiments with these in your corner.    Having Sherri Seligson in your computer will put you at ease as your kids master new information and thrive.

I love this company and everything that they stand for.


 “In all these things Apologia is equipping families to defend the historic Christian faith so that they may speak the truth in love anytime, anywhere, and with anyone.”

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Sherryl Wilson

Sherryl is a mother of seven children, a passionate homeschool advocate and a follower of Christ. Having owned her own Accounting and Real Estate firms for over 20 years, she loves helping others walking the path she has traveled. Her passion is sharing her faith and helping women grow in their faith. Sherryl blogs at Simply Sherryl where she encourages others that are "Seeking the Simple in the Chaos" of motherhood to stay true to the Word and to rest in the hands of God.


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  • These are awesome DVDs! I homeschool my kids so these kinds of resources can be really helpful to us. I am definitely going to have to get these now. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Linda Manns Linneman says:

    I have never heard of this company before. This sounds awesome. I love that they are biblically based. We are born again christians and would love to check these out. Thank you so much for sharing

  • Melissa Wenger says:

    This is such a great resource!

  • I need to get these. Thanks!

  • Dana Rodriguez says:

    These sound like great discs. I love educational ideas that are also fun.

  • Donna L Holder says:

    this would be so helpful for the kids

  • Sandy Klocinski says:

    Just what is needed to compliment our science classes! This will help kids witht heir science in class and hopefully their desire to study science in the future.

  • Sandy Klocinski says:

    Just what is needed to compliment science instruction! And hopefully stimulate the desire to study science in the future

  • kathy pease says:

    These sound really interesting and would be great for my daughters stepson.

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