Apple Themed Crafts

Apple Themed Crafts

Apple Themed Crafts

If you’re like me, I’m always looking for crafts. Partly to work into our daily lessons, but I have also been looking for some to give as gifts with the upcoming holiday season (especially if the kids are involved)! Here is a list of 10 apple themed crafts ranging from gifts, bean bags, and even DIY wrapping paper!

Apple Counting – Here is a free printable for Johnny Appleseed day (or any time really). The kids dip their fingertip into some paint then leave a fingerprint in each box according to the number. Could be a messy math/art lesson as well.

Make Your Own Apple Trees – Going to pick apples soon? Why not have the kids learn about the (basic) parts of an apple tree by making their own with just a few supplies!

Apple Marshmallow Pops – An edible apple but not the standard kind. This is a cute treat the kids could help you make and they would make an awesome party snack too.

Healthy Advent Calendar – A healthy and fun twist for an Advent calendar in which you send an apple with your child along with a note for the day’s “gift”, whether it be an extra outing to the park, a bag of candy at a movie, or to skip a chore of their chosing.

Teacher Appreciation Thank You Gift Tag – Free apple shaped gift tags to send to your kid’s teachers along with a bag of treats or attached to a gift card.

Paint Stamping with Pool Noodles – Cheap craft using a pool noodle and some paint. These would be fun to use for fall decorating or place mat and name cards for the holiday table.

Button Apples – Glue red buttons (or use green) on the template in the shape of an apple! I could see using these as ornaments, gift tags, or as “thank you” gifts.

Bubble Wrap Apple Stamps – What a creative way to use apple shaped stamps on paper to wrap presents or decorate a table.

Red Apple Painted Mason Jar Gift – I’m loving the “gifts in a jar” craze going around right now. I especially love ones like this that combine decorating and candy!

Mini Apple Beanbags – Although she cuts these with a die cutter, you could easily cut a few by hand and fill as beanbags. Plus, she includes a list of 11 activities to use them for with the kids!


  1. This is awesome sauce. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a great collection of apple crafts. Thank you so much for including my apple jar gift. Happy fall!

  3. Such a fun collection of ideas for kids! Thanks for including my marshmallow pops!

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