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Apps Preparing Teens for the Real World

Apps Preparing Teens for the Real World

Apps Preparing Teens for the Real WorldApps Preparing Teens for the Real World

Summer is an ideal time for teens to learn important adult skills, like organization, financial literacy, independence and setting personal goals. Whether it’s being on time for their first summer job or keeping up with their summer reading list, these apps can help your teen stay focused this summer:

  • Snagajob: Empower teens to find a summer job with Snagajob. The app allows students to customize their search based on filters, like part-time/full-time and even a specific teen filter, and location, save customized search criteria and apply to jobs in just one click with a custom profile. The app gives teens job hunting experience they’ll need after college.
  • Picniic: A digital organizer that’s an ideal tool for teens getting into a working routine this summer. With functions like a shared family calendar and a family locator, Picniic allows teens to be responsible for keeping track of their own work schedules and parents can easily see that their teen is arriving to work on time.
  • Savings Spree: Designed as a game, this money management app introduces financial understanding to young minds. Savings Spree shows teens how to save their hard-earned summer job money for short terms goals, spend wisely by making more frugal decisions, donate to others or invest it so it will grow to meet future needs.
  • 30/30: Put in your to-do list and this app will keep you on task! Teens can color coordinate their tasks, change the allotted time for each task and reward themselves with break time. Perfect to stay on track with summer school assignments or summer reading requirements.
  • GiveGab: Teach teens the importance of giving back to their local community by encouraging them to spend some of their time volunteering. With GiveGab, connect with friends to make a difference in the community. Find great local volunteer opportunities, see where others are volunteering, and share experiences.

Teenage years are the ideal time to start gearing up for living on your own in college, developing time management skills and truly taking on responsibilities that can affect you further down the road. With these apps in hand, your teen will be set up for success as he or she begins to gain more independence and responsibilities.

About the author

Sherryl Wilson

Sherryl is a mother of seven children, a passionate homeschool advocate and a follower of Christ. Having owned her own Accounting and Real Estate firms for over 20 years, she loves helping others walking the path she has traveled. Her passion is sharing her faith and helping women grow in their faith. Sherryl blogs at Simply Sherryl where she encourages others that are "Seeking the Simple in the Chaos" of motherhood to stay true to the Word and to rest in the hands of God.


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  • That is awesome that they have apps for teens to help them prepare for the real world! Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Melissa Wenger says:

    I love finding ways to make technology work for our family!

  • Linda Manns Linneman says:

    Thank you for sharing these apps. My grandson will be 13 soon. These can be difficult years. We will check these out

  • Melissa Storms says:

    These are fantastic apps fpr home pr public schooled teens I think.

  • Nancy Jachcik says:

    In this day an age of smart phones and apps this is a great list of apps that will be helpful to any teen looking to be organized or seeking a job or wanting to volunteer

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