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Early August usually means back to homeschooling for many homeschoolers who have enjoyed the summer break. In my home it means it’s time to stick to the schedule for our family. Since my youngest is no longer napping twice a day – and the 2nd grade curriculum is a bit more in depth and requires an extra hour of school … we will not be managing The Homeschool Village online all day.

I know you all understand that family is priority and living life offline far more valuable to our children! If you email – please expect a response within 24 hours.

This week we are chatting Back to HomeSchooling!

Thursday – we’d like to know: how do you celebrate back to homeschooling or what traditions have you started for the new school year?! Haven’t started any yet? Come back Wednesday when our panel shares how they kick off a new school year!

Today if you haven’t already please send out your pen-pal letters! And with that … I’m SO EXCITED to share that Cheryl from Adventures of a Some What Crunchy Mama – (she has been greatly helping with HSV social media) – has news on pen pals for moms!! Check out her blog for information and to participate!!

Also – Heart of the Matter Online is hosting a great blog hop as you get a chance to list your curriculum choices – or find a last minute idea! They have generously given us 5 tickets to their online conference next week! Since not everyone is on FB – we will offer 2 tickets here! COMMENT w/ your name and email address TO THIS POST TODAY TO WIN! (must include your email address!!)

Amy tells me “the number of door prizes and freebies we have this year is AMAZING”!

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