Balloon and Starch Ornament Christmas Craft

Guest Post by Mary Kate Warner

Christmas is the most joyous of all Christian celebrations because it re-creates the events of the birth of Christ. Our craft demonstrates how to deal with unforeseen tragedy like a tornado or forest fire that can make people feel that God has deserted them. We will show that even though we can’t see Him, medical he is always with him. We will help our children remember to remember the good things in life and to be grateful for what they have.

balloon and starch ornaments 2



• Liquid starch

• A small shallow bowl

• A small round balloon (the size when blown up will be the size of most commercial Christmas tree balls.)

• Cotton crochet thread. (This works best, viagra but thin string will also work.)



Today we will us a balloon, troche some string and some liquid starch to create a beautiful Christmas tree decoration. Decorating the tree at Christmastime is a tradition that goes back for many years. In areas of our country that are cold during the winter, having a tree with lights and decorations brightens the long days and brings us joy. Thank God at least once a day for the joy of Christmas. Show him your thanks by keeping the love and joy you feel in hearts even when the holiday is over.



1. Inflate the balloon and tie in a knot or with string.

2. Pour a little starch into the bowl.

3. Unwind some thread or string and saturate with starch.

4. Wind the string around the balloon continuing to pass it first through the starch.

5. After the balloon has been covered in a crossed-over-zig-zag pattern, it is ready to dry.

6. Take the balloon home and hang it over the bathtub overnight to dry. It can be clipped to a hanger.

7. When the thread is thoroughly dry, prick the balloon with a pin and carefully remove the burst balloon.

8. Make a thread loop and hang decoration from tree



Picture the balloon as being like our hearts filled with joy. But in times of stress or hardship or tragedy (like tornados and hurricanes) we feel the joy go out of our hearts. It feels like a pin pricking our hearts and letting the joy out. It’s like letting the air out of a balloon. But when we feel our hearts are empty, know that God’s love in still with us. Even if we can’t actually see it,

we can know that trusting in God will once again fill our hearts with joy. And in the meantime, we have a beautiful ornament hanging on our tree to remind us that Christmas is a time of love and joy.


Mary Kate Warner


Mary-Kate is a regular blogger at Christianity Cove (  You can often find her writing about Christian Motherhood, Homeschool Teaching, Bible Study and Sunday School Activities, Faith and inspiring children to love God.


  1. Love this, but I’ve never tried it! And love your analogy. You could also take that the burst balloon is like the world around us, but that we are still safe in God’s arms. He still is there to protect us. Thanks for sharing this, I love it!

  2. This looks so easy!! I can’t wait to try it 🙂 We might have to make these for Christmas ornaments or gifts this year!

    Thanks so much for sharing on the #SHINEbloghop

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