Casey at the Bat Lapbook from A Journey Through Learning

Last year I discovered lapbooking. My oldest son and I lapbooked our way through the animal kingdom as part of his kindergarten work. I was really excited to try out a lapbook from A Journey Through Learning. We have been working our way through some music studies with Maestro Classics so I jumped at the chance to work on the Casey at the Bat lapbook!


Basic Overview of A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks:

There are 4 different ways to get your lapbook

  1. Instant Download (so you can get started right away)
  2. CD (print from your computer)
  3. Printed (all you have to do is assemble)
  4. Assembled (just open your mail and get started!)

What’s inside the materials:

  • Directions on how to assemble. Each product has step by step instructions on how to put your lapbook together and what supplies you need
  • There’s a section that explains how to store all your lapbooks with a 3 ring binder. (This was great for me because I had no idea how to keep up with the 20+ lapbooks we did last year)
  • Pictures that show you exactly where each part of the lapbook is supposed to go (no more trying to make things fit)

Fun with Casey at the Bat:

Along with your lapbook you’ll need the Casey at the Bat CD from Maestro Classics. The CD is great and lots of fun and the lapbook was a perfect compliment to the music. There are two main topics in this lapbook: baseball and music. My son is not really into sports so I worried that I might lose him for the first part of the study but I worried in vain. He loved all of it! Assembly was quick and easy, treatment especially with the included instructions. We worked on this lapbook for about 3 days but you can take as long as you want or need. My son was so excited about it that we put most of  our other school work to the side to focus on the lapbook.

Here’s some of what is inside the lapbook:

  • Baseball
    • History
    • The Rules
    • Equipment
    • Positions
    • Playing Field
  • Music
    • About the Poem
    • Marching Band
    • Measure of Music
    • Brass Instruments

We had a lot of fun learning about the game of baseball and cannot wait to work through more Maestro Classics lapbooks! There are lots of other subjects on the site as well: Math, recipe Bible, abortion Classical Conversations and Apologia!  There’s also a section with a list of freebies!

Keep up with A Journey Through Learning on their site, facebook, twitter and google plus.

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