Living Books on the Gilded Age

Living Books on the Gilded Age Once again Nebby shares with us the living books she has been using to study American history. This time the topic is the Gilded Age. Subtopics include factory life, search industrialization, immigration and more. Books reviewed cover the range from elementary level to high school.

Living Books on the Civil War

Living Books on the Civil War Nebby shared with us once again the books she has been using for American History. This time the subject is the American Civil War. Books from elementary through high school age are discussed.

Living Books on the Build up to the Civil War

  Nebby from Letters from Nebby shares the books her family has used in their study of American history. This list covers the presidencies from Taylor through Buchanan and includes books from elementary school through high school. Visit her site for your book list from Taylor to Buchanan.

Living Books on American History: Madison through Polk

In a continuing series, site Nebby shares with us the books her family used to study American history from the presidency of Madison through that of Polk. Visit Nebby at The Letters from Nebby for the complete article and resource list.

Charlotte Mason Post Links

Nebby of Letters from Nebby shares with us a catalog of all her posts relating to a Charlotte Mason education. Can you believe Charlotte talked about everything from the nature of children to interior decorating? Visit Nebby at Letters from Nebby to see this extensive listing!  

Finger Knitting Scarf Tutorial

Charlotte Mason speaks about handwork as something that is beneficial to the child – as long as the project is worthwhile and produces a project that is worth keeping. In her words, she calls it ‘a useful pursuit’. But finding handwork projects that are useful while still being easy enough for small fingers can be […]

Charlotte Mason How-To Resource Lists

I have another amazing set of posts from Teachers of Good Things today. If you are a Charlotte Mason style homeschooler, you will love the resources that Dottie provides for you. How to Study Birds How to Study Music Appreciation How to Study a Picture Wondering what your child should know? You’ll love these great […]

Curriculum Choices: 4th grade and 2nd grade

Trying to homeschool five children ages 10 and under can be a challenge! Add to that a husband in college full time, abortion and a stay at home working mom, stuff it makes it even more challenging. Picking out curriculum that will fit this busy season of life is a difficult decision and one this […]

Organizing a Charlotte Mason Memory Box

Memorization in the elementary years is a crucial skill to develop. Best of all, it’s really rather easy for kids to memorize things at this age. Take advantage of how God gifted those littles ones by organizing a Charlotte Mason Memory Box.

6 Charlotte Mason Resource Lists

Are you a Charlotte Mason homeschooler? You will love these excellent resource lists by veteran homeschool mom, no rx Dollie Freeman. Her blog is full of helpful information to help you organize your Charlotte Mason homeschool. 10 Artists Charlotte Mason Would Want Your Kids To Know 10 Inventors Charlotte Mason Would Want Your Kids to […]

Recording All of Those Great Books You Read

If your homeschool is like mine, books are everywhere. From trips to the library to those old classics on your favorite shelf, books are an integral part of the homeschooler’s day. The tricky part is keeping track of them. I love this great idea for Book Record Pages. You’ll find a lovely printable for every month […]

Homeschool Room: Learning Centers

This post is so wonderful. Got a small space? A Little budget? No problem. Rebecca shows you how to make your space beautiful, useful, and perfect for teaching your children. You aren’t going to want to miss Homeschool Learning Centers Small Space Little Budget. I’m going to go implement one of her ideas, right now… […]

Charlotte Mason {Organized}

I’ve never seen a better list of Charlotte Mason resources. Talk about organization! You are going to love this Ultimate Charlotte Mason Resource Guide. Trust me! Grab a cup of coffee and come over for a blessing.

Organizing your Nature Finds

  Seriously, this idea from Dollie is fantastic. I’m still shaking my head wondering how I’ve never thought of this. While I gather supplies and get started making our Nature Boxes, you hop over and read how to make your own! You’ll love it!

Planning for High School

Planning for a high schooler is a scary thought for most homeschool parents, but it doesn’t have to be! In this fantastic post, Dollie Freeman shares how she plans for her high schoolers. You won’t want to miss these excellent ideas!