Doodle Journeys

Doodle Journeys: A Fill-In Journal for Everyday Explorers Do you or your children like to journal or create scrapbooks of places you have traveled? When our children were younger we had them create a notebook when we traveled (and yes we counted it as homeschooling), which would serve as their report for the trip.

FREE American Pioneer Notebooking Unit for Middle School

Are you studying the early 1800s and American Pioneers in history this year? Is it on your schedule for next year? If this is what your kids are learning, then this FREE notebooking unit from our friends at Education Possible is something you’ll definitely want to grab. Don’t know much about notebooking? It’s a wonderful […]

How to Make a Lapbook

Have you ever looked around at other blogs and seen beautiful lapbooks? For a long time I could not figure out how those children and moms got their lapbooks to look so nice. How do you fold it, cialis where do the pieces go? Erica from Confessions of a Homeschooler has a video tutorial that […]

Organize your Lapbooks with Binder Books

Do you use  lapbooks in your homeschool?  My boys love to make lapbooks. The only problem is figuring out to keep them all organized and together.  Dollie from Teachers of Good Things has a great idea called Binder Books that will help you keep all those lapbooks in order and safe so they can be […]