Free 130+ page World History Timeline Notebook

Free 130+ Page World History Timeline Notebook! Are you looking for a gentle way for your child to record what they are learning in history? Sisters with a System is offering a free 130+ World History Timeline Notebook! Their notebook has been designed in an open-ended, “scrapbook” style to allow your child to record their […]

Doodle Journeys

Doodle Journeys: A Fill-In Journal for Everyday Explorers Do you or your children like to journal or create scrapbooks of places you have traveled? When our children were younger we had them create a notebook when we traveled (and yes we counted it as homeschooling), which would serve as their report for the trip.

Free November Notebooking Pages

Free November Notebooking Pages If you enjoy notebooking in your homeschool, you’ll want to check out these free notebooking pages that are perfect for November! You can instantly download pages for: Election 2016 Veterans’ Day Thanksgiving Use these pages as supplements to your regular studies or to work in some seasonal themed learning. You can […]

Creating a Classical Conversation Notebook

If your children participate in Classical Conversations and you are wondering how to keep up with their work check out this post on Organizing a Classical Conversations Notebook. There are some great tips on how to select a notebook, sildenafil getting it set up for different subjects and how to let your children put their […]

Organizing Notebooking Pages

Do you like to plan your lessons ahead of time? Do you collect different notebooking pages for your children during year but aren’t sure how to keep them organized for when you need them? How to Organize Notebooking Pages  has some great tips for keeping all those pages organized and safe until you need them. […]

Organizing Notebooking Pages

If your family uses notebooking in your lessons then I’m sure that storage and keeping all those papers organized is something you think of often.  My boys have just started creating notebooking pages and I’m already wondering where to put this year’s stuff.  If you are looking for some tips on Storing and Keeping all […]

Organizing Notebooking Pages

I love the idea of Notebooking with my kids, but sometimes the task of organizing and coordinating the notebook pages is daunting. See how Sharla from The Chaos and the Clutter does it: How Notebooking Pages Work For Us. I bet you’ll find a fun idea that you can use.  

Organizing Notebooks {For Messy People}

Have you ever read a post about organization and felt a huge knot of inadequacy in your stomach? If you have, you will surely enjoy Ticia’s post on Organizing Notebooks…for messy people! Her real-life pictures are an encouragement to all moms, even if you feel like there is no hope.