Free Marie Curie Online Unit Study

Free Marie Curie Online Unit Study Would you like to study Marie Curie in your homeschool? Combine history and science in this engaging online unit study as you learn about Marie Curie, the first woman to win the Nobel Prize. No prep, instant access, good for multiple ages.

The Snow Queen 5-day Unit Study

Think it would be neat to compare Disney’s smash hit Frozen to the story that started it all? Tonia from The Sunny Patch has a free bonus for her email subscribers – a 5-day unit study that compares Frozen and Hans Christian Andersen’s story, The Snow Queen. You and your kids will compare the two […]

Unit Study Posts

Looking for Unit Study Planners? We have a wonderful collection pulled together in a couple of places for you. First make sure to visit our Unit Study Board on Pinterest for more details and ideas. If you would like to contribute to this or any of our other Pinterest boards, find make sure you are […]

TOS Magazine Curiosity Files on sale for FREE today

Don’t miss this sale. The Old Schoolhouse always has awesome prices…but today only the TOS Magazine Curiosity Files on sale for FREE today! – From $125 to $0  ‪#‎TOSMag‬ ‪#‎homeschool‬  

Sweet Learning: Honey Bees

Honey bees are a great life-cycle study, check and a sweet one at that! Follow along on the journey of Kris Antonius – of Tiny Peasant – and her children as they visit an apiary. Get ideas for follow up activities, physician and a free printable letter writing set that they used to write letters […]

BFAIR Unit Studies

Does your family use Five in a Row? Pam from Everyday Snapshots has a free printable to help you plan and organize your Five in a Row Unit Studies.  If you’s like more help to see if FIAR would be a good fit for your family read more about how Pam uses FIAR unit studies […]

Make Your Own Unit Study with SPINE

If you have trouble remembering what you need to do to plan a unit study Stephanie from Harrington Harmonies has an easy way to help you with your planning: SPINE. What is SPINE ? It’s a super easy way to plan a unit study in just 5 steps! 

How to Use Unit Studies

If you still aren’t sure about unit studies take a few minutes to read this post at Intoxicated on Life.  It covers what educational philosophies the fit, who they are best for, where to find them, and how to make your own unit study.

Diving into Unit Studies

Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus has an amazing 10 day series all about diving into unit studies. She walks you through topics like creating objectives for your study, adding in activities, choosing topics and more.  And an added bonus is that by the end of the series you will have created your own unit study. Happy […]

Unit Studies for Preschoolers

One of the great thing about unit studies is that you can use them with all ages. Laura has a series of post that will help you plan a unit study for your preschooler.  She covers how to choose a theme, cialis the different elements you can include and a collection of resources to help […]

Unit Study Basics

Homeschool conventions  can be a great place to learn about different teaching methods and techniques. The Teach Them Diligently Convention had a series that focused on getting started with unit studies: The first post in the series explains what unit studies are and  a general idea of what it could look like to use them in […]

Getting Started with Unit Studies

Are you interested in getting started with Unit Studies in your homeschool, pharmacy but not sure how to get started? This is a great hangout session with 4 homeschool moms as they talk about  their schedules, hospital ideas, and resources on Unit Studies! One panelist, Ashley Pichea,  shares unit studies one her blog each week.

Using Unit Studies to Teach Multiple Ages

It can be challenging trying to teach multiple children different subjects. If you are looking for a way to teach all of your children subjects like history, cialis literature and science together try unit studies. Tricia shares how her family uses unit studies to teach her 5 children many subjects together.  Tricia also shares how unit […]

Planning Your Own Unit Study

Have you ever wanted to plan your own unit study? It can see like an overwhelming task but rest assured it can be done. Marcy from Ben and Me shares 5 easy steps to help you plan your own unit study. Her steps are great for any subject and all ages. The Homeschool Classroom also […]

Unit Study Without A Lot of Planning

  Do you think that you have to spend hours putting a unit study together for your family?  NextGen Homeschool has a great post about planning a unit study on the fly: great for last minute trips and taking rabbit trails.