Workbox the Remix

My favorite thing about workboxes is that they can be customized for every family. When Chelli from The Planted Trees found that their current workbox system wasn’t working she mixed things up a little bit.

Workbox Labels

  If you are looking for a way to organize your workboxes check out these workbox labels from Cornerstone Confessions. There are labels with just numbers if you want to go the traditional route and there are labels with pictures if you have students that aren’t reading yet or that just prefer the visual cue.

Day Charts: A Workbox Spinoff

I love many different ways there are to incorporate workboxes into your homeschool organization. If you have younger kiddos that may not be ready for workboxes these day charts are a great alternative.  Kristen uses grid, cards and velcro to help her little one get organized during the day.  

Workboxes for Large Families

Workboxes aren’t just for families with one or two children. Amy from Raising Arrows shares how she has modified the workbox system for her large family.  She uses crates instead of drawers and folders instead of shoe boxes and it works great for her family. If you have struggled to make workboxes work for you […]

Organize Your Day with Workboxes

Workboxes are useful for more than schoolwork. They can help you organize your day, sick keep supplies together and help your children learn to work independently. In this post from The Homeschool Classroom, see Megan shares 8 steps to create what she calls a school box planner.

Inside a Workbox

There are many different ways to utilize and set up workboxes.  Jen from Forever For Always No Matter What she puts in her oldest son’s workboxes: school supplies, checklist for assignments, math, copywork and more!  

Get Started with Workboxes

If you are lost and confused when it comes to workboxes this Squidoo lens from Mo Spell is just what you need to get started. She covers the basics of workboxes: What is a workbox Do you need one How to set them up What to put in them Lists of resources to help you […]

Workfolders: A Workbox Alternative

Have you tried to use workboxes in your homeschool without much success? Jolanthe from Homeschool Creations adapted the idea of workboxes and uses folders instead for her children.This post shows how she also uses a weekly grid system to help her kids keep track of their school work and chores during the day.  It even […]

How to Set up Workboxes (Video)

Workboxes are  great way to organize lessons during the day. There are many different ways to set them up in your home and use them with your children. Erica from Confessions of a Homeschooler gives a tour of how she uses workboxes in her home in this video. She even has a series of posts […]

Organizing Daily Lessons with Workboxes

Keeping daily assignments straight can take a lot of work, shop especially if you have more than one child. Many homeschool families use workboxes to stay organized and help children know what they need to get done each day.  Meet Penny shares how she updated her workbox system to make it work better for her […]

Organizing Workboxes

I love workboxes. It’s such a great way to organize independent learning and they are super fun. My friend, Sharla shares how her family organizes these workboxes. You won’t want to miss this great post on How We Use Workboxes. Looking for great Homeschool Deals?

Workboxes with a Twist

Workboxes are an excellent way to teach independence in your homeschool. You might be surprised and just how much you can include. Take a peak at how Kendra Fletcher does it….