Having a Hands on Easter

Having a Hands on Easter I don’t know about you but Easter and Christmas are my two favorite holidays.  They’re the only holidays that my family consistently DOES something.  You know crafts, learns about it, reads about it.  Partially because I have so many happy memories about those two holidays from when I was a […]

Faith Starts in the Cradle

Faith Starts in the Cradle Have you ever snuggled an infant and had them start breathing in unison with you? Or as you make humming sounds they start to mimic them? I have always snuggled and made a sound unique to each of my little ones. They started early to return that sound to me […]

Who Does God Love?

Who Does God Love? This is a question I have asked all my babies as they were growing up. I would tell them that I loved them so much, and Daddy loved them, and then name siblings, grandparents, and extended family. I would always end with asking them, “Who does God love more than anyone […]

Grace of God {Movie Review}

It’s not often that we find a movie that is meant for the whole family, unless we go to the “younger” end of the spectrum. And while the movie, Grace of God, isn’t necessarily meant for kids, they will probably learn a few of the lessons being taught along the way. Plus, it’s free of violence […]

Jesus Sees Us Doll & Lesson Book {Review}

Remember back around Christmas time, the popular Elf on a Shelf made their annual appearance? The kids usually go crazy about them! Well, two moms have come up with the Jesus Sees Us Doll & Lesson Book as a way for us to talk about Jesus with our kids while making it fun at the […]

Wisdomantics Interactive DVD Board Game

Do you combine the use of games in your homeschooling lesson planning? How about scriptures? We have always used both and if you do too, this new game will be a perfect fit to your curriculum. And if you don’t, here is your next family game night challenge! How many Proverbs can you quote? I […]

Children’s Bible Studies Resource List

Ticia from Adventures in Mommydom shares the different Bible studies she’s found to train her kids up in The Word. Come check out these great resources for Pouring God’s word into your Kids.

Memory Tools: the Ultimate List of Ultimate Lists

This is the classical educators ultimate resource list for memory tools and I have to tell you that it thrills my very soul. Where else can you find such amazing lists of resources for memory work in your homeschool? I know you will be blessed by these lists. Be sure and pin them, cialis so […]