Apologia: The Human Body Advanced Biology

Apologia: The Human Body Advanced Biology If you are looking for a Science curriculum that expands on a Christian worldview then the Apologia Sciences are for you. Dr. Jay Wile the primary author has designed a program to prepare students for college level courses but is written in a user- friendly style. Many homeschool families […]

Learn With Homer {Review}

Do you have a young one at home that is learning how to read? With all of the apps, games, and fun tools that claim to teach our kids how to read, it’s hard to decide which one to use! But I have started using the website & app “Learn with Homer” and I’m excited […]

Math-U-See {Review}

My 6 year old started Kindergarten this past fall. I pieced together his curriculum from various sources, and was given the opportunity to try out the Beta level of Math-U-See. This is a program that uses blocks/manipulatives to give a hands-on approach to learning.

Dia de Los Muertos {Book Review}

Now that school is back in session and it’s officially fall, my family can’t wait for the leaves to turn, the weather to get cool and to enjoy the holidays that will quickly be here! And not just Halloween either (though we love to dress up) but we’ve also been learning about the Day of […]

Phonics for Kindergarten Workbook {Review}

My son recently started his Kindergarten year and I’ve been looking for extra help and work books that deal with phonics and letter practice. I found a book called Phonics for Kindergarten from Amazon and wrote a post about it on my blog, It’s A Weghorn Life.

Apple Themed Crafts

Apple Themed Crafts If you’re like me, I’m always looking for crafts. Partly to work into our daily lessons, but I have also been looking for some to give as gifts with the upcoming holiday season (especially if the kids are involved)! Here is a list of 10 apple themed crafts ranging from gifts, bean […]

Space Racers {Giveaway}

Do your kids watch the show, Space Racers, on PBS or Netflix? We’ve just started watching it and so far, we love the animated space ships that learn lessons about space and science, while still being full of fun!

Home Art Studio Free DVD Offer

Don’t miss the Home Art Studio awesome back to homeschool deal. They are offering a FREE Holiday Arts and Crafts DVD when you purchase any 2 Home Art Studio DVD’s. Check out our program review on Home Art Studio. Start planning your school year and holiday crafts with this great offer.        

4th of July Baby Art

Do you need a last minute 4th of July craft? How about 4th of July Baby Art from Something 2 Offer​? All you need is some paper, seek paint, star-shaped post-its, and a BABY, of course! Visit Thaleia over at Something 2 Offer for this cute activity.

Home Art Studio {Review}

One of the subjects I always looked forward to in school was art class. We usually had a fun teacher who had us try all kinds of mediums, projects and wild ideas to get our imaginations flowing! But now that my son is in Kindergarten, I wasn’t quite sure where to start his passion for […]

Free Printable for Lucky Penny Day

Did you know that there is a fun holiday on May 23rd called Lucky Penny Day? A lot of people don’t know about the holiday, but it is a wonderful time to teach your children All About Money! In honor of Lucky Penny Day, Katie from Paradise Praises has created a 25 page FREE printable […]

FREE American Pioneer Notebooking Unit for Middle School

Are you studying the early 1800s and American Pioneers in history this year? Is it on your schedule for next year? If this is what your kids are learning, then this FREE notebooking unit from our friends at Education Possible is something you’ll definitely want to grab. Don’t know much about notebooking? It’s a wonderful […]

Montessori-Inspired “Sorting by Size with Matryoshkas” (Free Printables)

Take a look at what Tanya from The Natural Homeschool created for her little ones as they studied about Russia and a little bit about the Russian culture. In this lesson, online they learned how to sort by size using Matryoshkas. Some people know they better as Russian Nesting Dolls. Take a look at these adorable printables. Tanya […]

Grace of God {Movie Review}

It’s not often that we find a movie that is meant for the whole family, unless we go to the “younger” end of the spectrum. And while the movie, Grace of God, isn’t necessarily meant for kids, they will probably learn a few of the lessons being taught along the way. Plus, it’s free of violence […]

The Adventures of Pajama Girl {Book Review}

Are your kids allowed to pick out their own PJs at bed time? Mine does, and it’s like he treats it as a time for “dress up” because he gets to be a ninja turtle, soldier, or any number of characters as he gets ready for bed. I’m sure he even dreams about his adventures, […]