The Roger Love Singing Academy Review

Love to sing? Want to take your skill set to the next level? Sherryl @ SimplySherryl reviewed The Roger Love Singing Academy. I appreciate that you can take four lessons before committing to purchase the program. I grew up singing. Music was a big part of our daily life. Fast forward a couple of decades […]

Learning about the Human Body

Looking for a fun way to study the human body?  Tonia at The Sunny Patch has created 12-weeks of lessons that will guide you through teaching the different systems of the body. Your kids will learn all about the body by making one! They’ll also do some memorable experiments and learn the basics of recording scientific experiments.  […]

Animal Study Lesson Plans for K-3

If you’ve thought about covering the subject of animals and classification with your children but weren’t sure where to start, this 18-week lesson plan will help! You’ll spend 18 weeks classifying & observing animals, dissecting a clam, a fish, and an owl pellet (and you can include more dissection if your kids enjoy it!). They’ll […]

10 Science Kits

From keeping them busy over the summer to getting back into the mindset of school, mind these awesome Science Kits are just too much fun! Katrina @ Simply Sherryl has created a list of the top 10 Science Kits to keep your crew learning.

School of Bookkeeping

Looking for an extra high school level Math course? Perhaps even a training course in keeping the books or budget for your home or business. Sherryl @ Simply Sherryl is reviewing the School of Bookkeeping course.

Activity Bags for Preschoolers

Do you have a wiggly preschooler? Those lovely littles can be distracting when you’re homeschooling older kids or doing housework. Keeping them occupied can sometimes be a challenge. Activity bags are the perfect solution and they are simple to make! You’ll just need an assortment of craft & office supplies and some zip-top bags (along […]

Busy Bag Organization

We have shared some tips on hosting a busy bag swap to get supplies and assemble bags for your little ones. We have even share some ideas for what to put in your busy bags.  Today we have a great post from Free Homeschool Deals that is all about how to use those busy bags that […]


We’ve all seen those games where you try to guess how many jelly beans are in a jar. When it’s too hard to count ‘em up and too much time to calculate, it’s time to guesstimate the answer. I use this technique all the time to “ball park” my answer so I know if I’ve […]

FREE Printable: The Secret Garden – Make Your Own Terrarium

World for Learning shares with us a fun, hands-on activity for The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett – make your own terrarium! You’ll learn how an ecosystem works and be able to download their FREE printable that includes a supplies list and step-by-step instructions (with pictures) to create your very own terrarium. With a […]

Learning About Plants

Now that spring is in the air it’s the perfect time for some nature study! Tonia from The Sunny Patch has a great 6-week lesson plan that will get you and your kids outdoors and learning all about plants. With fun activities, experiments, nature walk ideas, nature journaling, and other interesting things, you’ll have lots […]

Frugal Options for Homeschool Curriculum

Do you worry that homeschool curriculum has to be expensive? Crystal over at Serving Joyfully shares how she is able to teach her boys at home and stay within her families frugal lifestyle. She shares some great resources for preschool and first grade for bible reading and more!  

Fun Busy Bags for Little Ones

If you have preschoolers or toddlers you may be wondering what do with them while you teach the older children.  Busy bags are a great way to keep those little hands busy and learning while you work with your older children. If you need some ideas check out these 12 fun busy bag ideas.

Plan a Busy Bag Swap

Busy bags are a great way to keep little ones busy while you work with your older children. Making busy bags can be a great activity to do with other families as well. Motherhood on a Dime shares 16 busy bag ideas for hosting a busy bag swap.

FREE Printable: How to Start a Book Club for Kids

Starting a Book Club for Kids doesn’t have to be scary … in fact it can be a LOT of fun, given the right “formula”! Download your FREE checklist today and find out how you too can have a successful Book Club for Kids.

Letter and Letter Sounds Assessments

Learning letter sounds is an important part of learning to read. If you are looking for a way to know what letters and letter sounds you little one knows this printable chart from This Reading Mama is just what you need.  The post also has some fun ideas on using puzzle pieces to teach letter […]