Halloween Worksheet for Confusing Letters

Halloween Worksheet for Confusing Letters   Confusing letters? This worksheet will help with those confusing letters (b, viagra sale d, ampoule p,q). Click here to check out this freebie now!

Free Fine Motor Long Vowel Activity Printable

Free Fine Motor Long Vowel Activity Printable   Your early learners need to work on their fine motor skills too and this free printable will help with both phonics and fine motor skills! Once kids know phonics reading will be easier for them! Teaching your kids phonics and how to recognize consonants and vowels is […]

Green Kid Crafts {Box Review}

Green Kid Crafts {Box Review} Being the mom of an active child can keep me busy, that’s for sure! So when it comes to lessons, I try to make sure we have plenty of hands on activities, including our craft time. When I learned about Green Kid Crafts, a monthly subscription service including all the […]

Home Art Studio {Review}

One of the subjects I always looked forward to in school was art class. We usually had a fun teacher who had us try all kinds of mediums, projects and wild ideas to get our imaginations flowing! But now that my son is in Kindergarten, I wasn’t quite sure where to start his passion for […]

Introducing the NEW Educents Marketplace

Have you heard the awesome news? I think this is going to make a real difference for those of us that are either looking to sell our products or parents looking to purchase homeschooling curriculum. I just received an email from the founders of Educents, Kate and Kaitlyn, with some really exciting news. Until today, […]

Color By Code Freebie

Working on Addition & Subtraction facts? This month the Color By Code Freebie is being offered by Educents. What a fun and colorful way for children to practice and apply skills for addition and subtraction. The equations have the sums and differences of up to 15.

Animal Study Lesson Plans for K-3

If you’ve thought about covering the subject of animals and classification with your children but weren’t sure where to start, this 18-week lesson plan will help! You’ll spend 18 weeks classifying & observing animals, dissecting a clam, a fish, and an owl pellet (and you can include more dissection if your kids enjoy it!). They’ll […]

Frugal Options for Homeschool Curriculum

Do you worry that homeschool curriculum has to be expensive? Crystal over at Serving Joyfully shares how she is able to teach her boys at home and stay within her families frugal lifestyle. She shares some great resources for preschool and first grade for bible reading and more!  

Homeschool Curriculum 1st grade, 3rd grade, and 4th grade

First Grade Curriculum {Classical}

It’s always fun to see what other homeschoolers are using to teach their children. It’s a great way to organize and plan your year. Plus, you might find resources that you weren’t even aware of! Check out this First Grade Curriculum list. It’s classical by design. You’ll love it.   Looking for great Homeschool Deals?