School for Minions

School for Minions In this new edition of the Dr. Critchlore’s School for Minions, the story of Runt Higgins continues. Having discovered his true identity, and all that goes along with it…Runt begins to think about his life before all of the changes.

Apps Preparing Teens for the Real World

Apps Preparing Teens for the Real World Summer is an ideal time for teens to learn important adult skills, like organization, financial literacy, independence and setting personal goals. Whether it’s being on time for their first summer job or keeping up with their summer reading list, these apps can help your teen stay focused this […]

The League and The Lantern: A Rip-Roaring Adventure Series

The League and The Lantern: A Rip-Roaring Adventure Series Do your children take a break over the summer or just a lighter load? We take a couple of weeks off and then start back with a lighter load. We also have a summer reading list and a weekly book club. Let me tell you about […]

Home Art Studio Free DVD Offer

Don’t miss the Home Art Studio awesome back to homeschool deal. They are offering a FREE Holiday Arts and Crafts DVD when you purchase any 2 Home Art Studio DVD’s. Check out our program review on Home Art Studio. Start planning your school year and holiday crafts with this great offer.        

Introducing the NEW Educents Marketplace

Have you heard the awesome news? I think this is going to make a real difference for those of us that are either looking to sell our products or parents looking to purchase homeschooling curriculum. I just received an email from the founders of Educents, Kate and Kaitlyn, with some really exciting news. Until today, […]

Living History Books: Washington and Adams

Living History Books: Washington and Adams While working through American History this year, thumb Nebby from over at Letters From Nebby has been sharing the lists of books and lesson plans. Now she is sharing her list of books and lessons on the history of the presidencies of Washington and Adams. If you are looking […]

Easy Cloud Dough Recipe

Easy Cloud Dough Recipe Do you have an active kid, or maybe more, at home? Always getting into something, and the messier and more creative the better? Yeah…that’s me. And he loved it when I made this easy cloud dough recipe! One thing I kept in mind was when his younger cousins or friends would […]

The Roger Love Singing Academy Review

Love to sing? Want to take your skill set to the next level? Sherryl @ SimplySherryl reviewed The Roger Love Singing Academy. I appreciate that you can take four lessons before committing to purchase the program. I grew up singing. Music was a big part of our daily life. Fast forward a couple of decades […]

School of Bookkeeping

Looking for an extra high school level Math course? Perhaps even a training course in keeping the books or budget for your home or business. Sherryl @ Simply Sherryl is reviewing the School of Bookkeeping course.

Pinterest for Homeschool: Get yourself organized!

Pinterest and homeschooling are a match made in heaven, cure but for some the task of organizing Pinterest to work for their homeschool is daunting. Come be encouraged as Sharla walks you through a simple way to organize your homeschool resources using Pinterest: Using Pinterest in Homeschooling.

Choosing Curriculum for Active Learners

Choosing curriculum for active learners can be a challenge. If you’ve got a wiggly worm, Ticia from Adventures in Mommydom, has a great selection of curriculum for active learners. Hop over and check it out.

The Ultimate List of Homeschool Blogs

When I was younger people used to tell me that I was creative. I always argued with them about that claiming that I was just really good at finding great ideas. I still really think this. There is some truth to the idea that there is nothing new under the sun. Why reinvent the wheel when […]

Choosing Curriculum: Classical Family Approach

Are you a classical family looking for a curriculum that will fit the needs of everyone in your family? If so, dosage you will want to read this great post by Jen. She explains her reasoning for Choosing Curriculum: Tapestry of Grace. She also shares some resources to get you started using this beautifully made curriculum.

How I Teach Series… (to multiple ages with special needs)

  Do you ever find yourself wondering how other parents teach? Hopefully by now, you’ve figured out that one size doesn’t fit all, but it’s still wonderful to gain insight and ideas from other moms, right? Like say, Sharla, homeschool mom of 7. I love Sharla’s real-life photos, ideas, and best of all, her heart. […]