Apps Preparing Teens for the Real World

Apps Preparing Teens for the Real World Summer is an ideal time for teens to learn important adult skills, like organization, financial literacy, independence and setting personal goals. Whether it’s being on time for their first summer job or keeping up with their summer reading list, these apps can help your teen stay focused this […]

The League and The Lantern: A Rip-Roaring Adventure Series

The League and The Lantern: A Rip-Roaring Adventure Series Do your children take a break over the summer or just a lighter load? We take a couple of weeks off and then start back with a lighter load. We also have a summer reading list and a weekly book club. Let me tell you about […]

Living Books on the American West

Living Books on the American West   Nebby shares with us once again the living books she has used in her homeschool. The topic this time is the American West in the latter half of the 19th century including such topics as cowboys, cheap railroads, conservation and the settlement of the plains. Books from elementary […]

Living History Books: Washington and Adams

Living History Books: Washington and Adams While working through American History this year, thumb Nebby from over at Letters From Nebby has been sharing the lists of books and lesson plans. Now she is sharing her list of books and lessons on the history of the presidencies of Washington and Adams. If you are looking […]

A is for American Colonies

Struggling to keep your children excited about American History? Join in the ABC’s of American History on Something 2 Offer. Each week you will get free resources for one letter of the alphabet. This series started January 6 and will continue through June. Check back each week as a new letter and topic is revealed. […]

Wisdomantics Interactive DVD Board Game

Do you combine the use of games in your homeschooling lesson planning? How about scriptures? We have always used both and if you do too, this new game will be a perfect fit to your curriculum. And if you don’t, here is your next family game night challenge! How many Proverbs can you quote? I […]

10 Read {and Sing} Alouds

{clip art source} We are a very musical family.  I feel like we live in a song most days; from integrating it into our routine or the VBS songs from last summer.  Music has such great connections with love for literacy, especially when you read aloud the very songs your kids know and love.  We have quite […]

Master List of Booklists on American History

Letters from Nebby shares with us her list for reading on American History. Here you will find lists of living books for all ages on topics from the exploration of American through the Revolutionary War. Nebby shares both what age children read the books and how they worked for her family. More lists are sure […]

Creative Read-Aloud Rules – Subscriber Bonus!

Need to add a little life to your daily read-aloud time? Tonia at The Sunny Patch has a fabulous bonus for her subscribers – a quick 14-page short e-book full of ideas to make reading aloud fun for the whole family. Creative Read-Aloud Rules is filled with activity suggestions, read aloud book lists, and book recommendations filled with […]

Homeschooling Kindergarten Resources

  Do you have a child that will soon be in Kindergarten? There are many different options for teaching young children, way more than you have time to search through. Kindergarten is a great time to make the transition from preschool to more formal homeschool lessons. It’s important to still have fun while creating a […]

Charlotte Mason How-To Resource Lists

I have another amazing set of posts from Teachers of Good Things today. If you are a Charlotte Mason style homeschooler, you will love the resources that Dottie provides for you. How to Study Birds How to Study Music Appreciation How to Study a Picture Wondering what your child should know? You’ll love these great […]

Children’s Bible Studies Resource List

Ticia from Adventures in Mommydom shares the different Bible studies she’s found to train her kids up in The Word. Come check out these great resources for Pouring God’s word into your Kids.

5th Grade Book List

Sometimes planning what your kids will read is one of the harder parts of homeschooling. That’s why I love this resource list of 5th Grade Literature Books from Trisha at Intoxicated on Life. she offers great suggestions for your student. Hop over and check them out!

Memory Tools: the Ultimate List of Ultimate Lists

This is the classical educators ultimate resource list for memory tools and I have to tell you that it thrills my very soul. Where else can you find such amazing lists of resources for memory work in your homeschool? I know you will be blessed by these lists. Be sure and pin them, cialis so […]

6 Charlotte Mason Resource Lists

Are you a Charlotte Mason homeschooler? You will love these excellent resource lists by veteran homeschool mom, no rx Dollie Freeman. Her blog is full of helpful information to help you organize your Charlotte Mason homeschool. 10 Artists Charlotte Mason Would Want Your Kids To Know 10 Inventors Charlotte Mason Would Want Your Kids to […]