5 Tips in Preparing for Vacation with Hefty

5 Tips in Preparing for Vacation with Hefty®   Preparing for vacation or just a weekend away from home sure takes a lot of planning and energy when you have a large family. Over the years, we have gotten pretty streamlined in packing and getting things ready. Recently, I was asked to share my tips […]

Organic Apricot Kernel Oil

Organic Apricot Kernel Oil Looking for a nut free carrier oil? Take a look at the Organic Apricot oil by Renewalize. It’s made from cold pressed apricot kernels and is a light, pale-yellow liquid with a slight nutty fragrance. It makes a wonderful oil for massaging sore muscles and as a carrier oil for essential […]

Organizing Kid’s Rooms

Do you have children that share a room? Is it always a mess? Stacey at Layered Soul shares how she organized their 940 square foot home to accommodate 6 people (including 3 boys). Also be sure to visit Finding Home Online for 7 tip son helping your kids keep their rooms organized. 

Organize your Wardrobe

With the seasons changing you may be gearing up for cleaning out your closet.  Take some extra time to organize your entire wardrobe with these tips from Psycho With 6. 

Organize 365 Ebundle…Don’t miss this one!

This is the bundle you’ve been waiting for. Organize your entire life all in one place! This bundle has everything from cleaning to working at home. I’m super excited. Let’s get organized!! The All Organized – Organization eBook Bundle is available March 24th until April 7th for only $20. That’s a savings of $133! So […]

Cleanup Blitz Cards: a FREE Parenting and Housekeeping Tool

Do you find it a struggle to balance homeschooling and housekeeping? Make clean-up quick, sickness easy and FUN with these FREE printable Cleanup Blitz Cards from Upside Down Homeschooling. These cards are a great tool for developing housekeeping skills and a spirit of stewardship within your child. Visit Upside Down Homeschooling to download your FREE […]

How to Look Organized When You’re Not

If you homeschool it’s hard to get away from clutter. School papers, books, projects, games, toys to keep the little ones busy, not to mention all the normal stuff that has to be dealt with outside of schooling. Keeping a neat house is hard work but it doesn’t have to be. Baskets may be your […]

Help Your Children Keep Their Rooms Clean with Toy Rotation

Do you struggle with getting your children to clean their rooms?  Rotating their toys may be the answer!  By limiting the amount of toys your children have available at one time, ailment you limit the mess.  An added bonus is that your children may discover how awesome a toy is that they rarely played with […]

Getting Your Kids Excited About Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore. As the saying goes, “many hands make light work”. Get your kids involved in such a way that they are happy to help and watch as the job gets done in record time! Read tips on how to get your kids excited about Spring cleaning at The […]

Keeping Up With Housework When You Homeschool

I don’t know about you, but I find that homeschooling leaves my home in a state of nearly continuous disarray. I have to be very intentional about staying on top of it. Check out this great tips from Trisha on Keeping Up With Housework. You are sure to find something helpful. Looking for more great […]

A Homeschooling Spring Clean

As March rolls around, the first signs of spring are in the air.  Easter is fast approaching.  My thoughts turn to finishing up the school year, and purchasing and lining up our curriculum for the upcoming year. Spring is also a traditional time to do some extra deep cleaning around the house.  We  like to […]

Oh No! I Over-shopped!

It’s that time of year again – Back To School. Schools are starting up and, viagra 40mg as usual, many fliers are coming to my house with the latest sales on school supplies, books, and super-cute classroom ideas. It’s like the big stores are reading my mind! Once upon a time I was the girl […]