5 Tips in Preparing for Vacation with Hefty

5 Tips in Preparing for Vacation with Hefty®   Preparing for vacation or just a weekend away from home sure takes a lot of planning and energy when you have a large family. Over the years, we have gotten pretty streamlined in packing and getting things ready. Recently, I was asked to share my tips […]

Gerber Lil’ Bits Parfait

Gerber® Lil’ Bits™ Parfait Our Miss Allie Elizabeth (Lil Bit) certainly has a mind of her own. Thankfully she is a wonderful eater and enjoys all kinds of foods. She is just turning one and has entered the “do it myself” stage which means lots of laughs while watching her learn to feed herself and […]

How to Gain Control Over Your Laundry

How to Gain Control Over Your Laundry Has the laundry taken over in your home? In Wendy’s family of seven, there have been days when she felt as if she was climbing a mountain of laundry and would never make it to the top. Then Wendy decided to get her kids involved. Though she can […]

My Mother’s Quilts {Book Review}

My Mother’s Quilts {Book Review}   I grew up around ladies that loved to sew. They got together and worked on their projects once a week and came together to create to special gift when one of their group had something wonderful or tragic happen in their lives. I can remember learning to sew on […]

Potato Salad Freak Out

Potato Salad Freak Out Do you suffer from Hospitality Anxiety Disorder? Does the prospect of entertaining send you into a panic? Homeschool mom Lea Ann Garfias understands. Faced with a large homeschool graduation party at her home, treatment she resorted to the only reasonable response — a full-on Cry Mommy Freak Out. In the end, […]

Wise Guys {Book Review}

Wise Guys: Unlocking Hidden Wisdom from the Men Around You I think it is the genetic makeup of men to want to figure it out on their own. I also think that being willing to allow other men to instruct you takes a special relationship. Women don’t seem to have this struggle. We run, don’t […]

Well Planned Gal

Well Planned Gal Here at The HomeSchool Village, we love organization and planning! So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that we are excited to be listening to Rebecca Keliher speak at the upcoming Tenacious Faith Women’s Conference since she’s the woman behind the Well Planned Gal. They cover everything from planners and magazines to […]

Life While Homeschooling

Life While Homeschooling I guess you could call me the grandma of homeschooling.  As the director of a large home school co-op, there I was involved with a lot of home school families.  Each family was unique in its own way. Some busy and rambunctious while others were quiet and more refined. It is truly […]

LoveBug Probiotics

LoveBug Probiotics Alarm clocks are ringing and the coffee pots are on.  Moms are running to and fro checking off list that have been checked and then double –checked. It’s hard to believe that summer is already over and now a new school year is about to begin. Moms hate to see the end to […]

Organic Apricot Kernel Oil

Organic Apricot Kernel Oil Looking for a nut free carrier oil? Take a look at the Organic Apricot oil by Renewalize. It’s made from cold pressed apricot kernels and is a light, pale-yellow liquid with a slight nutty fragrance. It makes a wonderful oil for massaging sore muscles and as a carrier oil for essential […]

Tips for Organizing a Shared Closet

Are you struggling for more space? Are you sharing a closet for several children? This super article contains Tips for Organizing a Shared Closet from Susan Evans at Susan’s Homeschool Blog. She share seven tips that will make all the difference in your available closet space.

Planning Period for Moms

Organizing the Kids’ Bathroom

The kids’ bathroom can be a place of choas! Do you struggle to keep your children’s bathroom neat and tidy? Dr. Melanie Wilson has a wonderful post about how she organized the bathroom that her 6 children share. She shares tips on how she organized the closet, toiletries and wet towels on the floor.  

Organization for Homeschoolers

  If you have been homeschooling for any amount of time I’m sure that you have a lot of supplies.  Trying to figure out where to put all the things you are saving for next year, the next child or even the stuff that you need for this year can be quite the task. Susan […]

Organize Clothes for the New Season

Now that Spring has arrived (or will be arriving soon) it’s time to start switching out clothes.  Do you need some help getting your closets organized? Wendy shares 4 tips for helping you get your closets organized for the warmer weather.