Nationwide Movie Trailer Checkers Wanted

Nationwide Movie Trailer Checkers Wanted Could you use a part time job? Do you like going to the movies? If you answered yes to either question take a look at the locations that are in high demand this week for movie trailer checkers.

Organize 365 Ebundle…Don’t miss this one!

This is the bundle you’ve been waiting for. Organize your entire life all in one place! This bundle has everything from cleaning to working at home. I’m super excited. Let’s get organized!! The All Organized – Organization eBook Bundle is available March 24th until April 7th for only $20. That’s a savings of $133! So […]

Growing Your Blog While Managing Your Home {Review & Giveaway}

“We can be bodily present while our hearts and minds are far away due to the misuse of the Internet”. Jacinda Vandenberg (pg.9) Yes, that! Have you found yourself guilty of pushing aside the duties of motherhood for just one more Facebook status update? Do you come to the end of the day feeling like a […]

Teaching Entrepreneurship to Our Children

My 11-year-old son spent several days this week making tote bags to sell at the farmers market next season. He’s planning to have his own booth selling eggs, chicks, herbs, vegies, and whatever else he can come up with. And I’m encouraging him all I can. How it all started In fact, all of my […]

Making the Cuts to Work at Home

When I tell people I work from home the first thing I hear is “Wow, you’re so…..lucky!” They’re right and not a day goes by where I don’t feel incredibly blessed. However, when talking to others about my job, I realize many have misconceptions about the time involved in working at home.  They don’t realize […]