Responsibility Chart for Preschoolers

Responsibility Chart for Preschoolers Young children love to help around the house. Usually. Sometimes kids need a little help organizing themselves and remembering to complete their responsibilities. Having their own chore chart helps foster a spirit of independence while also giving a little extra motivation. This free printable responsibility chart for preschoolers is available at […]

Planning Period for Moms

The Ultimate Resource for Kid’s Chores

Don’t let chores be a source of frustration in your home. A little organization is all it takes to make it manageable for everyone in the house! Printable chore charts, DIY ideas, and age-appropriate lists…we’ve got it all. Plus, a link-up at the bottom with more ideas from readers like you. Grab a cup of […]

DIY Chore System

I absolutely LOVE this idea from Dollie over at Teachers of Good Things. Finding a chore system that works for you can be difficult. This DIY Chore System is frugal, ampoule simple, and can work for absolutely any chore! Hop over and check out how she did it!

The Age Appropriate Chore List You Will Love

Mother of 8, Amy from Raising Arrows has been a wealth of information for as long as I can remember. Her list of chores is simple, age-appropriate, and just what you need if you are looking for more ways to instill family responsibility in your home. Hop over and check out Amy’s Appropriate Chore List […]

Do you need an Easy Peasy Chores Solution?

It’s important to me that my kids help around the house, but I’ll be honest. It’s hard. Planning and following through can be very time consuming. I need something EASY and I bet you do too. How about and EASY PEASY chores solution that will End the Battle of Chores With Your Kids? Looking for more […]

Chore Sticks for Toddlers

I think that it’s best to start kids in the helping with chores as early as possible, but sometimes this presents a problem. Getting those little guys (and sometimes not so little guys) to remember to do the chores can be tricky. Chore sticks are an excellent way to solve this problem. Hop over to Toddler […]

Make Chores a Game: Four in a Row

This is such a simple idea for making chore time fun. I have to admit that I’ve been a boring mom when it comes to chores, but this Four in a Row Family Cleaning Game has changed my mind. Hop over to Toddler Approved and see how you can make chores in your home fun […]

Age Appropriate Chores For Kids

Do you have little ones, but struggle to find appropriate chores for them? Ticia over at Adventures in Mommydom has some great suggestions of age appropriate chores for young kids with suggestions for how to adapt as time goes on. I bet you’ll find one you can use! Check out more ideas for chores on […]

Chores Board Game {DIY}

I’m all about making chore time fun for your kids. So naturally, I love this DIY Chores Board Game. Stop the arguing and nagging and try this fun way to motivate your kids to help around the house. Looking for more great ideas? Check out our Chores Pinterest board:

Scratch-off Chore Chart

I am seriously in love with this idea for a Scratch-off Chore Card for your kids. What could be more fun than that? I think this would be an especially useful idea for Saturdays or spring cleaning days when you have special chores to assign. Hop over and see how Kristina at Toddler Approved uses […]

Tic-Tac-Toe Chores

If you have kids in your home, ed chances are you are looking for fun ways to help them get their chores accomplished. I love this cute idea for Tic-tac-toe chores. Hop over and see how you might use this idea in your home. Looking for more great ideas? Check out our Chores Pinterest board:

Fun Chore System

I am a huge fan of chore time. Helping around the house is part of family life and something that children will do for the rest of their lives! It’s such a valuable skill. But organizing your family chore time can be hard. I love these printables on 2 Ways to Make Chore Time Fun. […]

52 Week Organization Challenge for Homeschoolers

I don’t know about you, but I’m always up for a challenge. Ha! Throw in the word organization and I’m THERE! What about you? Do you desire to tame the beast and create peace in your homeschool? Join, veteran homeschool mom of 6 as she encourages you with wit and real-life help. She provides printable […]