Well Planned Gal

Well Planned Gal Here at The HomeSchool Village, we love organization and planning! So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that we are excited to be listening to Rebecca Keliher speak at the upcoming Tenacious Faith Women’s Conference since she’s the woman behind the Well Planned Gal. They cover everything from planners and magazines to […]

Free Printable Goal-Setting Sheets for Young Homeschoolers

Free Printable Goal-Setting Sheets for Young Homeschoolers These FREE printable Goal-Setting Sheets are perfect for customizing your homeschooled children’s studies, using THEIR input. What a great way to encourage and motivate your young learners! These goal-setting printable planning sheets are geared for younger students who would like more say in what and how they learn. […]

Free Homeschool Planner

Jennifer from The Relaxed Homeschool shared that they are offering up a subscriber freebie. All subscribers will get a FREE homeschool planner sent directly to your inbox! Don’t miss the opportunity to receive amazing articles directly to your inbox; as well as one of the most popular planners around for free.

Setting Goals for your Homeschool

Do you have goals set for your homeschool? For your kids AND for yourself? Kim Lopez from A Plan in Place shows homeschoolers why goal setting is so important and how not to be intimidated by it, stuff especially when life for the homeschool mom sometimes seems overwhelmed by urgent demands and pressing concerns that […]

Planning for High School

Do you have any soon-to-be high schoolers in your home? High school can be a stressful transition for homeschooling families. There are many things to consider, illness requirements to meet and records to keep. Jolanthe at Homeschool Creations has created a high school planning sheet to help you get prepared.  

Planning for High School

Planning for a high schooler is a scary thought for most homeschool parents, but it doesn’t have to be! In this fantastic post, Dollie Freeman shares how she plans for her high schoolers. You won’t want to miss these excellent ideas!  

Goal setting with the kids…FREE printable!

It’s the perfect time of the year to start the most effective habit you can have: goal setting. Better yet, bring that goal setting into your homeschool and put it into your kids’ hands with this excellent FREE printable. Make Your Goals Work For YOU!   Happy planning!

Setting & Achieving Goals in Your Homeschool

Summertime activities in our home are many: gardening, playing outside, taking in the local sights, being with friends, or maybe just hanging out indoors near our window air conditioner when life gets to hot. One other summertime activity I try to do is to evaluate our family’s long term goals and to set new goals […]