Life While Homeschooling

Life While Homeschooling I guess you could call me the grandma of homeschooling.  As the director of a large home school co-op, there I was involved with a lot of home school families.  Each family was unique in its own way. Some busy and rambunctious while others were quiet and more refined. It is truly […]

Free Reading Record Printable

Free Reading Record Printable Studies prove that kids need to read daily. Even if your state doesn’t require it, keeping track of the books that your child reads is important. At the end of the year it is amazing to see how far they have come and all of the books that they have read.

Free Printable Homeschool Attendance Chart (bilingual)

Free Printable Homeschool Attendance Chart We all know it is important to keep track of our attendance records, but it is something that can easily be put off until later. Then a month or so down the line you try to remember which days school work was actually completed. It can cause a headache especially […]

Free Printable Goal-Setting Sheets for Young Homeschoolers

Free Printable Goal-Setting Sheets for Young Homeschoolers These FREE printable Goal-Setting Sheets are perfect for customizing your homeschooled children’s studies, using THEIR input. What a great way to encourage and motivate your young learners! These goal-setting printable planning sheets are geared for younger students who would like more say in what and how they learn. […]

Introducing the NEW Educents Marketplace

Have you heard the awesome news? I think this is going to make a real difference for those of us that are either looking to sell our products or parents looking to purchase homeschooling curriculum. I just received an email from the founders of Educents, Kate and Kaitlyn, with some really exciting news. Until today, […]

Free Homeschool Planner

The Relaxed Homeschool has a great freebie for you! Head on over to their page to download your free homeschool planner! This planner will help you keep attendance, physician track curriculum, and more! Download your planner here:

Tools4Wisdom 2015 Planner

Do you use a planner to stay on top of all the things you need to get done? I used to keep a detailed one for homeschool lessons and another one for my personal/family but found that I was always missing something or unable to locate the planner I needed when I needed it. This […]

Wisdomantics Interactive DVD Board Game

Do you combine the use of games in your homeschooling lesson planning? How about scriptures? We have always used both and if you do too, this new game will be a perfect fit to your curriculum. And if you don’t, here is your next family game night challenge! How many Proverbs can you quote? I […]

Mind-Mapping for the Visual Learner

As homeschooling parents one of the most frustrating lessons can be found in teaching your child how to write a paper. I’ve heard numerous accounts that can attest to the fact that it can be a long process. Will they be able to write clearly enough to tackle the SAT’s? What about when they get […]

Black Friday Sale on Meet Penny

Here is one sale you will not want to miss. Membership to Meet Penny is normally $25 for a one time membership fee which grants you access to over $200 in printables, ebooks, audios and powerpoint lessons. This weekend only you can join Meet Penny for only $10! Didn’t I say this was one sale […]

Free Homeschool Planner

Jennifer from The Relaxed Homeschool shared that they are offering up a subscriber freebie. All subscribers will get a FREE homeschool planner sent directly to your inbox! Don’t miss the opportunity to receive amazing articles directly to your inbox; as well as one of the most popular planners around for free.

Setting Goals for your Homeschool

Do you have goals set for your homeschool? For your kids AND for yourself? Kim Lopez from A Plan in Place shows homeschoolers why goal setting is so important and how not to be intimidated by it, stuff especially when life for the homeschool mom sometimes seems overwhelmed by urgent demands and pressing concerns that […]

Approaches to Homeschool

There are so many choices out there for homeschoolers; how do you decide what will work for your family? This post takes a look at 10 different homeschooling styles, sildenafil from unschooling to classical, and asks questions like “how do they view children?” and “how do they say learning works?” If you are just starting […]

The HSV Panel Revisited

The HSV Panel Revisited…. We are looking for start the HSV Panel back up. Do you remember this post from the archives? Thank you ladies for being on our panel this week! We asked this week’s panel, “what have you learned about yourself thru homeschooling”?Kela N. I’ve learned that I can’t control everything. Not that […]

Discovering Your Parks and Forests

Depending on where you live, shop colorful is the word that describes your surroundings. Are you getting outside more as it cools off? How about taking field trips and family outings? We try to stay outside as much as possible during the fall months. Recently we discovered an awesome app by the Forestry Department. It […]