9 Tips on Effective Home Schooling

9 Tips on Effective Home Schooling   With mounting concerns about overcrowding and the quality of public education, search parents are increasingly considering the home schooling alternative. According to the U.S. Department of Education, dosage the number of students being home schooled is growing each year.

Well Planned Gal

Well Planned Gal Here at The HomeSchool Village, we love organization and planning! So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that we are excited to be listening to Rebecca Keliher speak at the upcoming Tenacious Faith Women’s Conference since she’s the woman behind the Well Planned Gal. They cover everything from planners and magazines to […]

Free Dr. Seuss Inspired Puzzles

Free Dr. Seuss Inspired Puzzles Kids love puzzles and they help kids work on many different skills! Fun learning resources help encourage our kids to love to learn! Kids of all ages love Dr. Seuss, mind so these Free Dr. Seuss Inspired Puzzles are great for your homeschooling fun!

Tools4Wisdom 2015 Planner

Do you use a planner to stay on top of all the things you need to get done? I used to keep a detailed one for homeschool lessons and another one for my personal/family but found that I was always missing something or unable to locate the planner I needed when I needed it. This […]

Free Homeschool Planner

Jennifer from The Relaxed Homeschool shared that they are offering up a subscriber freebie. All subscribers will get a FREE homeschool planner sent directly to your inbox! Don’t miss the opportunity to receive amazing articles directly to your inbox; as well as one of the most popular planners around for free.

Schedules, Planning and Time Management

Schedules and Planners for the Large Family

It was super easy to organize my first child. Then came along a second and I accidentally attempted to burn the house down by forgetting to turn off the flat iron. By the 3rd child, I found myself standing at the grocery checkout without my wallet. Need I even mention the fourth? It’s no secret that larger families […]

Learn to Organize Your Homeschool for a Brand New Year

Wendy has written a helpful series over at At Home w/GCH called Organizing Your Homeschool for a Brand New Year. Take a look at the series to learn more about de-cluttering, pilule donating, health organizing your homeschool shelves, and more! 7 Ways to Stay Focused as You Work Towards the Goal of Decluttering  6 Steps […]

Modular Schedule: Flexibility and Accountability in One

I’m rather partial to this kind of schedule myself. It has worked beautifully for my family and it’s fun to see how much the Pelsers love it too! Check out Amanda’s Homeschooling with a Modular Schedule post and see if it might help you find the right balance between flexibility and accountability.  

Chunking: A Daily Schedule You Can Actually Keep

While I’m really just a toddler in this parenting thing, I feel like I have learned so much. One of the most important things that I have learned about homeschooling (and really parenting in general) is that you MUST have a good schedule. Everything is more productive when we have a good schedule. The trouble […]

Organizing Back to School

Right now it’s not even back-to-school time, but when I saw this post I could smell the very scent of new pencils. Doesn’t it just make you smile? Ok, maybe I’m a little quirky about back-to-school time. Seriously though, these tips are excellent for planning the new year, but what if you are in the […]

52 Week Organization Challenge for Homeschoolers

I don’t know about you, but I’m always up for a challenge. Ha! Throw in the word organization and I’m THERE! What about you? Do you desire to tame the beast and create peace in your homeschool? Join, veteran homeschool mom of 6 as she encourages you with wit and real-life help. She provides printable […]

Circle Time {Scheduling the Homeschool Day}

Circle Time by Kendra Fletcher offers an innovative way of teaching. Set aside the workbooks and look beyond what you think your school day should look like. A circle time is the perfect way to start on the same page each day. Check out Kendra’s ideas!  

Ultimate List of FREE planning Resources

My sweet friend, vialis 40mg Jamerrill, has an amazing post to share on Homeschool Planning. Best of all, everything is FREE: Free Homeschool planning list, free homeschool planners, forms, and more. This list is sure to offer up an excellent resource for your homeschool planning needs!

Homeschool Scheduling 101

If you are like any other homeschooler, try the clock has glared 11:45am only to find your family still fumbling to get school started. Veteran homeschool mom of 8, buy offers my favorite solution: click over out find out how this can revolutionize how you do homeschool!