The Homeschool Schedule: How to Manage Preschoolers

It’s a question that comes up often. How do I homeschool my children with tiny tots and preschoolers at my feet all day? I think you will be richly blessed and encouraged by veteran homeschool mom of 8, Kendra Fletcher. Her expertise was well earned in the trenches with her older children, but she still […]

Homeschool Time Management Tips

A big thank you to Apologia for sponsoring this series… Some of the most useful homeschooling advice I ever received had nothing to do with curriculum or teaching methods. It was about time management. I asked a veteran homeschool mom for advice as we were starting our homeschooling journey. Fully expecting book lists and curriculum […]

Should We Take a Summer Break?

I believe every homeschooling family will face this question at least once throughout their children’s education. I have seen it rattle some mother’s hearts when the answer wasn’t easy. Let’s talk about some reasons people decide to school during the summer. 1. We need to catch up. Child #1 still has four chapters of math before he […]

Habits and Schedules

Awhile back, before we moved our homeschool to the country, I was asked by one of my readers, “how do you stay on schedule or task, each day?” Besides the busyness from moving, I had to really think about that one. I’m usually pretty quick in my educated responses to people… but this one really […]