10 Proven Lessons to Get Your Child Reading Before First Grade #ucancourses #ReadBeforeFirstGrade

10 Proven Lessons to Get Your Child Reading Before First Grade As a homeschooling family, our children picked up reading at an earlier age most likely because they were exposed to it as their older siblings were learning. But, have you ever wondered why we wait until first grade to get our children reading? Before […]

Dance-Worthy Science Videos!

Dance-Worthy Science Videos! Generation Genius offers fun, funny and entertaining new science videos for grades 3-5 (with K-2 coming next year). The videos were produced in partnership with the National Science Teachers Association and feature Dr. Jeff Vinokur, aka The Dancing Scientist, who has appeared on such national TV shows as America’s Got Talent, NBC’s […]

Doodle Journeys

Doodle Journeys: A Fill-In Journal for Everyday Explorers Do you or your children like to journal or create scrapbooks of places you have traveled? When our children were younger we had them create a notebook when we traveled (and yes we counted it as homeschooling), which would serve as their report for the trip.

Free Easter Writing Prompts (K-2)

Free Easter Writing Prompts (K-2)     Encouraging your kids to write this Easter season is a great way to get your kids to share their thoughts around the holiday. When kids get told they need to write during their homeschool day, sometimes they don’t know where to start. Writing prompts are a great resource […]

Christmas I Spy {Free Christmas Printables}

Christmas I Spy {Free Christmas Printables} Add Christmas I Spy Printables to your December learning! These festive printables supports the development of visual discrimination skills and counting. Children will enjoy this game without knowing they are learning! Christmas I Spy printables includes three games at 3 different levels of difficulty. This allows educators to tailor this […]

Christmas Spelling Activity Using Letter Tiles

Christmas Spelling Activity Using Letter Tiles Christmas learning has never been so fun! Practice spelling with this inviting Christmas themed worksheet set. Christmas spelling is great for practicing letter recognition, beginning reading skills, and fine motor skills.

Christmas Play Dough Mats {free printable}

Christmas Play Dough Mats {free printable} Christmas is the perfect time of year to spark your child’s creativity! These Christmas themed play dough mats are inviting and allow for open ended play.

Washi Tape Covered Jumbo Clothes Pins

Washi Tape Covered Jumbo Clothes Pins   I am not sure who has found more ways to use washi tape this year..the children or me! You would laugh at some of the things they have created with their tape. I will admit, that I smile every time I use my jumbo clothes pins. I use […]

Thanksgiving Bingo {free printable}

Thanksgiving Bingo {free printable} In honor of the upcoming American Thanksgiving holiday, thumb I have created a free Thanksgiving Bingo game for you to download and enjoy with your children.

Apps Preparing Teens for the Real World

Apps Preparing Teens for the Real World Summer is an ideal time for teens to learn important adult skills, like organization, financial literacy, independence and setting personal goals. Whether it’s being on time for their first summer job or keeping up with their summer reading list, these apps can help your teen stay focused this […]

Letter Puzzles {101 Ways to Teach the Alphabet}

Letter Puzzles {101 Ways to Teach the Alphabet}   Engage students of all levels who are learning their alphabet with these inviting Letter Puzzles. Puzzles are a great, link hands-on way to help your young learners, unhealthy or those learning English as a second language, discount to recognize the alphabet using simple puzzles. Upper and […]

Washi Tape Covered Pencils

Washi Tape Covered Pencils   My little helpers are super busy this week making gifts for their friends and family. I have to admit that I have become a washi tape fan. This stuff is amazing! I really like that it is easy enough for the little ones to be able to tear the tape on […]

Pumpkin Outlines {Free Printables}

Pumpkin Outlines {Free Printables} Creating new and exciting fall projects is apart of every homeschool! Sometimes it is best to have an outline ready so you can get the project going. Here’s a free pumpkin outline for your Thanksgiving and fall projects.

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages Entertain and educate your children this Thanksgiving with 9 different Thanksgiving character coloring pages. After coloring the pages, treatment print off a new set and ask your children to cut out and glue these characters as a new way to enjoy Thanksgiving!

Homeschooling through the Holidays Free Ezine

Homeschooling through the Holidays Free Ezine The holidays are a busy time for most families. So many things to do, places to go, activities to accomplish. When you add in homeschooling, it can be overwhelming. Instead of hitting a slump this season, homeschool through the holidays with success and enthusiasm! The Homeschool Post has a […]