‘At’ Word Family Worksheets

‘At’ Word Family Worksheets Word families are an important part of the decoding process for children to learn how to read. After having a nice conversation with a teacher and blogging friend, I decided to focus on a few word family exercises for a bit with J, my kindergartner. My plan will be to make her […]

Counting Frozen Worksheets

Counting Frozen Worksheets

EMIE® Memo *Just Shake it!* Ice Cream Power Bank

EMIE® Memo *Just Shake it!* Ice Cream Power Bank My family likes to travel, especially during the week when places tend to be less crowded. But, we still have to manage to get school work done, even if it’s modified, most of the days we are gone. And our tablets and smartphones can use a […]

Dia de Los Muertos {Book Review}

Now that school is back in session and it’s officially fall, my family can’t wait for the leaves to turn, the weather to get cool and to enjoy the holidays that will quickly be here! And not just Halloween either (though we love to dress up) but we’ve also been learning about the Day of […]

Phonics for Kindergarten Workbook {Review}

My son recently started his Kindergarten year and I’ve been looking for extra help and work books that deal with phonics and letter practice. I found a book called Phonics for Kindergarten from Amazon and wrote a post about it on my blog, It’s A Weghorn Life.

FREE Robot Theme Pack

The Relaxed Homeschool has a fun freebie for everyone! They are offering up a FREE robot theme lesson pack! This is great for Pre-k through Kindergarten. It features tracing practice, decease letter finds, color sheets and more! Head on over to download your copy!

Nationwide Movie Trailer Checkers Wanted

Nationwide Movie Trailer Checkers Wanted Could you use a part time job? Do you like going to the movies? If you answered yes to either question take a look at the locations that are in high demand this week for movie trailer checkers.

Free Printable for Lucky Penny Day

Did you know that there is a fun holiday on May 23rd called Lucky Penny Day? A lot of people don’t know about the holiday, but it is a wonderful time to teach your children All About Money! In honor of Lucky Penny Day, Katie from Paradise Praises has created a 25 page FREE printable […]

Heroes of the City {Review}

If your kids are into YouTube, cars, cartoons or heroes, then check out a new YouTube channel about the animated TV-series called Heroes of the City. It’s about different rescue vehicles that go on missions, solve puzzles, and even play games together with their friends!

Introducing the NEW Educents Marketplace

Have you heard the awesome news? I think this is going to make a real difference for those of us that are either looking to sell our products or parents looking to purchase homeschooling curriculum. I just received an email from the founders of Educents, Kate and Kaitlyn, with some really exciting news. Until today, […]

Standard Deviants Accelerate {Review}

In today’s technology driven world, so much of what our kids do is on the computer, including their education. Plus, there are so many options and software packages to choose from! That’s why I’ve come to appreciate Standard Deviants Accelerate, which offers multiple online classes covering several grade levels, concentrating on middle and high school levels.

Color By Code Freebie

Working on Addition & Subtraction facts? This month the Color By Code Freebie is being offered by Educents. What a fun and colorful way for children to practice and apply skills for addition and subtraction. The equations have the sums and differences of up to 15.

Wisdomantics Interactive DVD Board Game

Do you combine the use of games in your homeschooling lesson planning? How about scriptures? We have always used both and if you do too, this new game will be a perfect fit to your curriculum. And if you don’t, here is your next family game night challenge! How many Proverbs can you quote? I […]

Mind-Mapping for the Visual Learner

As homeschooling parents one of the most frustrating lessons can be found in teaching your child how to write a paper. I’ve heard numerous accounts that can attest to the fact that it can be a long process. Will they be able to write clearly enough to tackle the SAT’s? What about when they get […]

10 Read {and Sing} Alouds

{clip art source} We are a very musical family.  I feel like we live in a song most days; from integrating it into our routine or the VBS songs from last summer.  Music has such great connections with love for literacy, especially when you read aloud the very songs your kids know and love.  We have quite […]