Claiming the Light ~ Journeys of Faithfulness

If you’d like to join in the book club for Journeys of Faithfulness by Sarah Clarkson, feel free to join in at anytime. You can find the reading schedule for the 12 week book club at the end of this post, along with additional printables for each week.

Have you ever been in a dark place looking for the light? I have! When I was in my teenage years, I went through a very dark time in my life, but I knew the light when I saw it. I knew that I wanted the light more than the darkness that I was living in. The light (God) is captivating, and He captivated my heart.

God calls us, and nudges us to let us know the right way. He will never force us to make the right decision. It isn’t until we make the choice to seek after Him that He will meet us where we are at.

I believe God calls us all from childhood, that He whispers in our hearts, nudges us to think of Him even when we are far away. (Kindle location 3080)

As Sarah says, we have to set the stage for a life of faith. Meaning it is up to us! We have to make the choice, dig our heels in, and pursue God with all our hearts. We have to strive after Him, and He will meet us right where we are at.

No matter how dark of a place you have been in or are currently in….God can take you out of that place. He can turn things around, but first we have to make the decision to follow Him.

A Few Book Club Links

Be sure to download a copy of the journal pages to go along with the book. For those of you reading on a Kindle or reading with your daughters, these will come in handy! Each week, I’ll be sharing the printables for the next week, so check back weekly for updates. ~ Journeys of Faithfulness book club Facebook page – come share your thoughts during the week! ~ Download a few printables here:

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