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We asked for experienced cooks to share tips and helpful suggestions for other moms who may not be as comfortable cooking with their children just yet. Thank you for your Cooking 101 feedback!!

* Christina W. Dinner is a family event in our home even the little ones who are two get in on the action.

* Katie R. I let them stir things, pour pre-measured ingredients into a bowl, etc. Just simple things away from the stove. The biggest thing is just to pre-plan and give yourself enough time so that you can take dinner, or whatever you’re making, slowly.

* Heather M.I always include my older children ages 9 and 7 they can already chop tomatoes and follow recipes and instructions. If everyone has a job it goes MUCH faster

* Denise P. There is a huge pay off when you have your kids help – my now 18 yr old LOVES to cook dinner! … with wisdom and discernment pick your child’s chore. If it can be cut with a butter knife this is great practice. If you can afford to give your child their own bowl (… See Morelike with dough projects) this will keep them entertained and “helping” without hindering the process. I tell my children that while in the kitchen they must clean as they go.

* Sonita L. My 3 and 6 year old children love to help cook. We talk about health and nutrition, math and how other people eat differently and how we should be thankful to have food as some people don’t. Preparing food and eating together is such a great thing, for teaching, learning, talking and just quality time together.

* Daisy M. I’m spoiled! I taught my oldest to cook and she is 13yo now. She is so much help. My 8yo son is learning now too. When he got burnt, he freaked out and wanted to stop cooking and I wouldn’t let him. It’s like falling off a bike. He is a good cook too.

Thursday link up with your child’s favorite recipe (they enjoy cooking) plus a picture!

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