Curriculum Choices: 4th grade and 2nd grade

Curriculum choices: 4th grade and 2nd grade

Trying to homeschool five children ages 10 and under can be a challenge! Add to that a husband in college full time, abortion and a stay at home working mom, stuff it makes it even more challenging. Picking out curriculum that will fit this busy season of life is a difficult decision and one this couple did not take lightly. Even though textbooks seemed to be the easy answer, this mother was always homeschooled using living books and a Charlotte Mason approach. She wanted the same for her children so after looking through many different curriculums they decided on Heart of Dakota. They are able to combine their two oldest children in a guidebook, and they love all the books that are included in the set! Check out her Curriculum Choices here.


  1. We school year- round, while using an online program, that is month to month ( Time4Learning ). So, I do not have to worry about picking out new curriculum, at any set time of the year. However, I am always looking for new things to go with it. ( I just add new stuff or take things away, when ever I think it is needed. )
    Anyways, Thank you for sharing. I always love to see what other Homeschooler’s are picking out and using for their curriculum 🙂

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