December’s Bookshelf & Master Books Giveaway !

Like any good book junkie librarian, I get giddy about my opportunity to share some fine reading with you.  Our revived book consumption and robbing the library shelves of their newest books has kept our local librarians in shape.  Forget the workout on the days that we visit our lending library.

Just remember,  you never know what might happen if you give a mom a book!

If You Give A Mom A BookSome sustainable reading for your shelves in December might include:

New Year’s resolutions are right around the corner, I recommend feeding your brain some coconut oil.  Find out how in this rather challenging idea of eating fat to loose fat  by Mary Enig and Sally Fallon.  It works . . . I’ve tried it . . . I felt better.


Now that your gardens are closed, consider this entertaining read that I must admit, sounds all too familiar.  The $64 Tomato reveals the true cost behind one man’s journey into the world of growing his own food.  A funny book that offers incite into all the little extra costs involved in owning and maintaining your very own garden.

And if you find yourself needing to relax, curl up with Velma Still Cooks in Leeway.  You can check out what Broadened Horizons had to say about it (that is the book club I belong to — when I can go!)

I have a new favorite bedtime snuggle book:

  • Pirate Boy by Eve Bunting . . . love, love, love this book!  A little boy named Danny wonders just what might happen if he sailed away on a pirate ship.  He has nothing to fear as his mom assures him that though she may have to ride dolphins, fight pirates, and battle sea monsters . . . she will find him.

I would be remiss to not prepare you for Christmas.  These books are to be read daily leading up to Christmas.  Like a devotional . . . but in story form.

The Jesse Tree by Geraldine McCaughrean is a heartwarming story about a man carving a Jesse Tree in his church.  He is daily interrupted by a little boy who helps this old man realize the real meaning behind Christmas.  This book is excellent if paired with the building of your own Jesse Tree.

Additional daily devotions that lead up to Christmas include this series by Arnold Ytreeide.  I wouldn’t recommend reading all three during the month of December.  Last year we read Jotham’s Journey and this year we will gather together each night to journey with Tabitha, in Tabitha’s Travels.  There are parts of these books that have elements that can cause a young mind with a fabulous imagination to perhaps . . . become anxious.  We entered into the book knowing that . . . and using that fear to walk our sons through learning to recognize truth and using Scripture to overcome fearful times.

Did you miss last month’s discussion of Sustainable Books?  Check out November’s If You Give a Mom a Book.

* this giveaway is closed – Susan is our winner*
Our friends at Master Books want to give two (2) books away to our readers!  The World of Animals is a fantastic resource to add to your homeschool collection!

“The World of Animals investigates and describes the anatomy, behavior, and habitats of over 1,000 animals. From microscopic worms and insects to reptiles, birds, and mammals, this book will provide children with an insight into the incredible range of life in God’s wonderful world. This comprehensive but easy-to-use book boasts a wide range of features to help bring its readers face-to-face with the science and beauty of the living world.”

Simply comment here and share your favorite Christmas read this month !  Don’t forget this week 12/13 Master Books #teachthetruth twitter party! They are giving away 5 copies of A is for Adam!

giveaway winners will be chosen & announced this Friday !


  1. I would love to win this book for my family and children! My favorite Christmas read this month was The Gift of the Magi.

  2. Daniele Trapp says

    I would love to win this book. Our favorite Christmas read would have to be the Birth of Jesus.

  3. We are enjoying for the first time: Jotham’s Journey: A Storybook for Advent. Thank you for this giveaway!! jaslinn77@gmail(dot)com 😉 Merry Christmas!!!!

  4. Shannon Coe says

    Would love for my grandchildren!

  5. Andrea Stricklen says

    This book looks like a wonderful resource! I would love to add it to our homeschool library! 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity.

  6. I would love to win that book!
    My favorite Christmas book to read this year with my children has been “Christmas Time with Snoopy and His Friends.” It’s a pop-up book that belonged to my husband when he was a child. My kids love that this was Daddy’s book when he was little. I love that it is still in such great condition.

  7. What a great addition that would be to our homeschool bookshelf! Thanks for the chance. My favorite Christmas read has always been the Nutcracker! I danced in it growing up, so I think it always will be.

  8. Kelly Beam Brown says

    My favorite book for this time of the month is the polar Express!

  9. I would love to win these books for our homeschool. The Twelve Days of Christmas by Hilary Knights is one of our favorites.

  10. Thanks for this blog. Great stuff! Our favorite read is stories Baby Jesus in “Bible Friends”, but I really like the Jesse tree/Advent books. Would like to get something like that for my kids.Love this book on Animals, Looks like a great resource.

  11. The stories of the Bible – both the Christmas story in the New Testament and the prophesies about Christ in the Old Testament.

  12. Karen Johnson says

    This book looks wonderful! I’ve been enjoying The Purpose of Christmas by Rick Warren.

  13. ‘If you give a Mom a book’, you open up the door to endless possibilities! Going to the library for me is synonymous to going shoe shopping- I absolutely love it! We just wrapped up “The House of Dies Drear”, and will be diving into another great read once the new year starts.
    I would love to add the book to our homeschool library. It looks like I could get science, geography and many other lessons to discuss with my children from The World of Animals. Thank you for considering me.

  14. We are actually reading The Jesse Tree as our read aloud for the second Advent in a row. Love it. ;0)

  15. We are just starting homeschooling our children in January, so any resources would be wonderful!!! 🙂 Right now our favorite book is A Stable Few. But we read a new one each night, so this could change….tonight!!!

  16. Rachel Blom says

    A favorite Christmas read has been: Penny’s Christmas Jar

  17. domestic diva says

    Our favorite this year is A Coyote Solstice (not Christmas specifically, but holiday themed).

  18. This looks like a great book! My favorite Christmas read this month was Song of the Stars.

  19. Corina Young says

    I would love to win this!!!

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