Doodle Journeys

Doodle Journeys: A Fill-In Journal for Everyday Explorers

Doodle Journeys: A Fill-In Journal for Everyday Explorers
Do you or your children like to journal or create scrapbooks of places you have traveled? When our children were younger we had them create a notebook when we traveled (and yes we counted it as homeschooling), which would serve as their report for the trip.

In their book, they would include drawings, photographs, notes, summaries about the activities each day, ticket stubs, and anything else we may have picked up that they could include to document the trip.

And while these journals were a way to record the activities, it also kept the children busy and occupied which cut down on the “I’m bored” complaints.
Doodle Journeys: A Fill-In Journal for Everyday Explorers

Recently I received a book from Abrams Kids for review. The book, Doodle Journeys: A Fill-in Journal for Everyday Explorers reminds me of the journals our children used to create. Of course this book already has a lot of the colorful backgrounds and suggestions to get started.
Doodle Journeys: A Fill-In Journal for Everyday Explorers
Each page has prompts and places for recording thoughts or drawing the things around you as you travel.

Book Description:

Travel for kids often means sitting in a plane, train, or car with an iPad on their laps—head down, headphones on, watching a movie or playing a mind-numbing game. In Doodle Journeys, an interactive guidebook, Dawn creates prompts that inspire children to pick up their head and look outside the window. They are challenged to imagine where they are going, what they might see. They are also dared to envision worlds that don’t exist.

The book will offer suggestions of marking tools, ways to adhere photos, and tips for how to document with doodles. Young explorers will use prompts on pages overflowing with colorful, vibrant backgrounds to encourage them to note and document what’s around them. Throughout the book are travel-inspired doodles and quotes.

Doodle Journeys: A Fill-In Journal for Everyday Explorers

About the Author:

Dawn DeVries Sokol is the author of several doodling books, including Doodle Diary, Doodle Zen, Art to Start Doodling: A Sketchbook, Year of the Doodle, Art Doodle Love, The Doodle Circle, A World of Artist Journal Pages, and Doodle Sketchbook. She also has authored and illustrated 3 board books (Good Dog; Here, Kitty, Kitty!; and Leapin’ Lizards). Often referred to as the “Doodle Queen,” she teaches popular workshops through her blog (, at Interweave Press’s CREATE Mixed Media Retreat, on, and through her DVD workshop Art Journaling: Pages in Stages.

Doodle Journeys: A Fill-In Journal for Everyday Explorers

My Thoughts:

I love looking back at the journals our children created over the years as we traveled. Some of our children still keep journals today while others competed the assignments but were not really into journaling at all.

If you are interested in exposing your children to keeping a doodle journal, this book would be great in a travel gift package.

Package it with a few other items like Gel Pens, Mini Colored Pencils, Journaling Stickers, and various Embellishments for a unique gift that can be used to document a trip or summer adventures.

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  1. My son love to journal. I love his writing he is funny and so clever. He makes me smile and think I am actually doing something right. lol

  2. I have to get this for my niece, she just started school for the first time in Thursday and she would get into this

  3. Jeanna Massman says

    I would love to give one of these journals to my niece.

  4. Casey Garvey says

    This sounds like a beautiful book! I love to preserve memories by writing about them!

  5. Debbie Welchert says

    What a great idea. This would be great to have on long car rides. It would cut down on the kids being so bored and they could write down what they see.

  6. First time seeing something like this. My son would love it.

  7. Kim Pincombe-Cole says

    Such a great activity to keep kids busy during travel!

  8. gloria patterson says

    Doing a journey of a trip would help keep memories alive. I tried writing in journals but it would get to … had a nice day…………. so and so was a pain in the ass So I quit writing in them.

    When I worked I doodled all the time while on the phone, kinda miss that

  9. belinda bell says

    This would be great for my granddaughter. She loves recording every where she going.

  10. laurie damrose says

    I love this idea for even short trips!

  11. My granddaughters would love one.

  12. This seems like a great gift idea, for a wide range of ages!

  13. Holly Thomas says

    This would be perfect for my Niece.

  14. Antoinette M says

    My daughter loves to write/draw..she would like this!

  15. Brittany Potter says

    Such a wonderful and creative activity to keep the kids busy when traveling! Thank you for the inspiration!

  16. Darlene Carbajal says

    I would love this for my niece!

  17. Julie Waldron says

    This looks like a fun journal, so colorful! My daughter’s would love it.

  18. I like this I love journaling.

  19. This sounds like a great journal. I’ll have to get one for my niece. She’ll love it.

  20. Buddy Garrett says

    Children will have so much fun with this journal.

  21. Trisha McKee says

    This is a great concept! I would love this for our road trips. My daughter loves to travel. This is perfect for her.

  22. This would make a great Christmas present!

  23. This is an awesome journal for kids! My daughter loves to draw and would definitely love to have this. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Linda Manns Linneman says

    This is such a cute idea. I love journaling and I would love my grandchildren to start. They would really enjoy this.

  25. Lori Thomas says

    We love to journal. This would be a lot of fun.

  26. Melissa Wenger says

    This is such a good alternative to electronic entertainment!

  27. What a great book. Keep kids engaged with the trip.

  28. Sandy Klocinski says

    Journaling is awesome! It’s a great way to preserve memories. And it could give the littles something to do on long car journeys

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