Food Glorious Food

This week we’re talking about cooking with our children! This is a hard topic for me – because naturally …

I can’t be trusted in the kitchen by myself! I’ve put off Cooking 101 because I’m scared if my mess can look this badwhat would a 7yr old’s look like? Inspired by my Homeschool Village friends and their love for children in the kitchen … my son tried something easy!

My son served up Mac & Cheese, fish sticks, and juice boxes. We sat around the table and enjoyed a candlelit dinner! So every week the boy has 1 night to cook in the kitchen (under much supervision).

What I’ve learned immediately:
Start off small – if you’re a wreck behind the beaters go easy! Easy meals like spaghetti, chili, nachos, etc. are great to start. If that frightens you … start with lunch!
Elevate the situation – make sure there is a stool in the kitchen especially if you have high counter tops like we do.
Take the time – don’t ask them to help if you’re rushing yourself it only causes stress.

Math, Science, and Reading are all “subjects” found during a cooking lesson besides good old fashion Home Economics. Don’t think cooking should be left just to the girls! If you’ve been cooking for awhile – let your children make the grocery lists, help shopping, and create their own menu!

Have you been cooking together? Thursday we’re linking up and sharing our children’s favorite recipes and/or a picture of them cooking!!

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