Free 130+ page World History Timeline Notebook

Free 130+ Page World History Timeline Notebook!

Are you looking for a gentle way for your child to record what they are learning in history? Sisters with a System is offering a free 130+ World History Timeline Notebook! Their notebook has been designed in an open-ended, “scrapbook” style to allow your child to record their history lessons in a way that suits them best.

The World History Timeline follows a young earth chronology and includes the use of the traditional B.C. and A.D. The time periods are divided into the following:

4000 B.C.-2000 B.C. 1,000 year increments
2000 B.C.-4 B.C. 500 year increments
4 B.C.-1400 A.D. 200 year increments
1400 A.D.-1600 A.D. 100 year increments
1600 A.D.-1800 A.D. 50 year increments
1800 A.D.-1950 A.D. 25 year increments
1950 A.D.-2020 A.D. 10 year increments

To download your free World History Timeline Notebook and learn more about timeline journaling, visit

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  • I am going to download this for sure. Thanks.

  • This is an awesome notebook! I love the idea of them being able to write down what they learned in History in a dedicated book like this. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Dana Rodriguez says:

    This is a great download. Thanks for sharing!

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