Gerber Cereal Pops and Smoothies

Gerber Cereal Pops and Smoothies


Gerber Cereal Pops and Smoothies
Our little Miss Allie loves feeding herself. She is just turning one but having an older brother she thinks she can do everything he can and tries. Learning to feed yourself is a messy job. It also takes longer than we have planned to spend at the table.


Gerber Cereal Pops and SmoothiesMornings are our biggest challenge. Getting older brother ready and off to co-op while Miss Allie is still wanting to play with feed herself often ends in a battle of the wills. And since my will trumps hers, we have come up a couple of alternatives that are saving us both time and energy.

Gerber Cereal Pops and Smoothies

GERBER CEREALS provide your baby essential nutrition while exposing them to the tastes of different grains. Click To Tweet

Gerber Cereal Pops and Smoothies have made our mornings a lot nicer. They are super easy to make and both Miss Allie and her big brother enjoy them. Shoot – who’s kidding do I!

Miss Allie has grown up on Geber products. Her first cereal was the smooth rice and she couldn’t gobble it up fast enough. GERBER CEREALS make offering your child a balanced diet easy. In the early months, we mixed it with formula then juice as she learned to chew and swallow.

GERBER CEREALS are the #1 food source of Iron and a leader in infant nutrition. Click To Tweet

Now that she is learning to feed herself, offering a well balanced diet can become a challenge. Some foods that she likes well, just are not what she needs..and there lies the problem. My wanting her to eat a wide variety of foods and her just wanting to do it herself.

Gerber Cereal Pops and Smoothies

Of course as a mom we worry about vitamins and other nutrients that are of no thought to our toddlers. Because GERBER CEREALS are a great source of iron, we shoot for two (2) servings a day to make sure that Miss Allie gets what she needs to continue to grow up healthy and strong.

Gerber Cereal Pops and Smoothies

GERBER CEREALS have a long list of benefits that for me, make using them a given. Not only do they include iron to help support learning abilities, they are made with calcium to help build healthy bones and teeth. Of course they are Non-GMO and have no artificial colors or flavors.

Gerber Cereal Pops and Smoothies

Miss Allie enjoys her cereal pops when we are home as a snack and when we are off and running, her cereal pop gets pulsed through the smoothie maker and she takes her smoothie along with mine on the road. Either way, she is happy and I am able to get my day started and not compromise on nutrition.

Gerber Cereal Pops and Smoothies

Gerber Cereal Pops


1 serving of GERBER CEREAL – prepared with your choice of milk, formula or juice
1 serving of your choice of fruit (pureed fresh or one of Gerbers jarred)


Simply layer cereal and fruit in your ice pop mold and freeze until solid.

To serve as a smoothie, pulse until smooth in smoothie maker if using frozen or just add a little more liquid until consistency desired depending on if using a sippy cup or a straw.

Gerber Cereal Pops and Smoothies

I am all about making things easy, especially in the mornings and these pops and smoothies are a hit. If you are looking for a way to make mornings or snack times easier, pick up your favorite fruit and a box of GERBER CEREAL at your local Walmart and give these a try.

Gerber Cereal Pops and Smoothies

Shhhh…your older preschoolers and even your older children may be asking for these. LOL… sure honey, you can have one.





  1. Your children are SO adorable. Oh my gosh, they remind me of my own back in the day. I think I just might have to make these for myself!

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