Give Them Grace: Moms Need to Pray

Highly unqualified is what makes me qualified to write this post.


I began drafting this post thinking that I had the children well cared for and happy.  I sat quietly on the couch, while they enjoyed a special Netflix treat of watching Curious George with their breakfast — something I RARELY do.   But I did today . . . cutting corners you might say as I tried to pack my reading in before we left for the weekend.

My original post was elegant.  Beautifully scripted words.  It made me appear to have it all figured out.

The illusion was quickly shattered towards the beginning of the second Curious George.    Little did I know that there was some crazy connection issues between Chrome and Netflix.  The commands instructions I was giving Ezra (my 5 year old) were not lining up with what he was observing on the computer screen.

Now, had I lifted my lazy bottom off of the curduroy couch, I could have easily avoided the imminent conflict.

I am here to tell you that I stink at giving my children grace.  I am a drill seargant, bent on following rules and if I can’t follow them then I will make some new ones up.  I am verifiably being challenged through Give Them Grace to grow in this area.  Stepping out of formation has been similar to 100 push-ups.

How I wish I could tell you that I followed Colossians 3:21, “Fathers, do not exasperate your children, so that they will not lose heart.”  I didn’t.  I yelled.  I used force.  I crushed my precious boy who thrives on touch and words of affirmation by becoming chilly as a deep freezer.

I’m not proud of my actions.

I am being real with you though.

Don’t give up on this book.

Towards the end of chapter five, we are given a tool to practice “in the Lord” parenting.  They are simple to remember provided you can recall this important sentence, “Moms need to constantly pray.”  What does this mean?  It is an acrostic.  The beginning of each word stands for the first letter of the word we are to parent by:

  • management
  • nurture
  • training
  • correction
  • promises
Working through “moms need to constantly pray” doesn’t mean you have found an instant fix.  You have found a lifeline to hold on to when you are in the heat of a battle.  We can’t be Jesus and often our parenting will resemble the pharisees, but with God’s grace to US . . . we can and will begin to give our children grace.
In case you were wondering, Ezra and I did make amends and the proper apologies were exchanged.  I don’t know how well I conveyed his need for the Gospel . . . but I do know I confessed my need for a Savior to change my heart to make me a better mommy.
How is Give Them Grace working in your heart?


  1. Thanks for sharing this Jodi! I struggle with the same – the rules are there, follow them! Drill sergeant and yelling are my weaknesses.The Lord has been teaching my husband and I a lot about grace lately – working on our hearts, so we can be better parents. I have “Give Them Grace” on audio book, I need to start listening NOW!

    • I just downloaded it on audio, too. I thought the Hubby might enjoy listening to this book. It is so powerful and really working on my heart!!!!

  2. We have been going through this; I feel like I have been riding my kids on an almost day to day basis and I don’t like it (or myself!) when we have those days.

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