Give Them Grace Preview Chapters 6 & 7- Discipline and The Good Story

I don’t even know where to begin with this preview. It shouldn’t be hard. I read countless books every year. Write reviews for a home school group. Raise 8 children. These are the things I AM. It’s what I DO. And yet, as I stare at this blinking cursor, I’m at a complete loss.

I have parented with the Proverbs at the core of all my rules.  I read them daily, base our conduct upon them, demand they be followed.  What greater list is there for right and wrong?  And isn’t this a great tool for the Christian parent?  When my children need correction, when rules have been broken, I open the BIBLE to teach right from wrong.  Hello. That made me the right Mom.  Who can argue when you have the Bible on your side?  Anyone else beginning to feel sorry for my kids?

As I read the sixth chapter of “Give Them Grace”, my heart began to prick with conviction.  If we approach the proverbs believing that the entire Bible ‘whispers his name,’ if we come with open eyes, looking for our Savior, we’ll easily identify him there as the Wise Son. Yes, the proverbs do tell us how to live godly lives, but they also tell us about Him.”

The Wise Son. He is the one and only that has fulfilled the proverbs. The ONLY Wise Son. How can I expect my children to compare to that perfection. Yes, the Bible is clear that we are to “be perfect just as your Father in Heaven is perfect (Matthew 5:48)”, but this is where GRACE enters. And it is through grace we need to instruct our children. Not through rigidness and strict rule adhering.

Am I suggesting we ignore the proverbs and look only to Jesus? No. The proverbs are simple, plain, and for our own good. Responding to them in faith, we will grow in wisdom. But if we neglect to see Jesus, we will see them only as a method to produce wise children. We will expect performance to equal success. The gospel MUST take center stage.

And this leads us to Chapter 7, “The One Good Story”.

To interact with our children with the gospel at the center of all we say and do changes one’s perspective. No longer is the child lying to ME. No more disobeying ME. No more anger over my son breaking MY rules. Nor do I use the Bible against my child as a weapon. Something for them to despise as they grow older.

No, by letting The Good Story wash over me before I take any action, rights my mind, spirit, and heart to my Father and towards my child. God’s message of love and grace is the reoccurring theme throughout the entire gospel story. It is weaved throughout the entire Bible from beginning to end. And so should it be our message to our children. Yes, a well loved child is disciplined. Look at all the patriarchs. A well loved child knows pain. Look at Mary. But a well loved child also know grace. Look at Peter. Look at me.

How does my family fit into the one good story? Praise God, it is with grace.

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  1. Beth – this is so what I needed today. At Christmas it should be easy, right – to let the Gospel take center stage in our parenting? It i is so hard to remember what we are really doing as parents. I often forget and feel that it is against me that they are ‘sinning’

    May we give them grace!

    • You would think this should be the easy time of year to let the Gospel come through, and yet I find my self more stern, short tempered, and impatient with my children. My prayer is that this year, God deals with MY heart in love and grace so I can parent the kids from the overflow.

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