Growing Your Blog While Managing Your Home {Review & Giveaway}

Growing Your Blog While Managing Your Home. Yes, you can!

“We can be bodily present while our hearts and minds are far away due to the misuse of the Internet”. Jacinda Vandenberg (pg.9)

Yes, that! Have you found yourself guilty of pushing aside the duties of motherhood for just one more Facebook status update? Do you come to the end of the day feeling like a failure? Do your kids see your nose in the computer more often than cuddled between them with a good book?

If your dishes have been known to pile high while you aim to type one more blog post, then this ebook is for you. Author Jacinda Vandenberg has it all right. Priorities. Priorities. Priorities. Come on a journey as she shares her own story, schedules, and tips for Growing Your Blog While Managing Your Home. You will be encouraged and inspired by her beautiful simplicity.

It’s true. If God is calling you to blog, you can still manage your home while working to bring in an income that will bless your family. Let Jacinda show you how. Purchase your copy today!

Growing Your Home While Managing Your blog. YES! You can do it!

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Can you grow your blog and manage your home? The ebook with all the answers is only $3.99 this week!


  1. tammy cordery says:

    do you really think that you can do a blog and care for a household. I am very laid back in my doing things. I don’t have a one way in doing things.

    • Honestly, I think that is up to God. What HE calls you to, He will give you the strength and wisdom to complete. This book does a great job of pointing you to that very priority. That being said, if you don’t need to blog, perhaps God can use you in a way that doesn’t demand so much of your time.

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