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Not something I ever thought I would actually enjoy, shop let alone blog about. I am a former public school teacher {Kindergarten} and group learning advocate!! I never had anything against homeschoolers, just always believed in group education. God obviously had a very different idea for my life.

A little over 6 years ago we moved to the heart of the inner city to be full time missionaries. We live in a large north-eastern city ~ one that boasts some of the worst public schools in the country. The public school we live near just was not an option for us. We researched private school—but the money simply wasn’t there. Having families on our mission team who homeschooled, I knew I could have somewhere to turn for advice, yet I still resisted this obvious calling on our life. Not knowing what we really wanted, we sent Pac to “going school” for 1 year {2 days per week}. Look how cute he was with his little backpack and big ol grin. Only thing wrong with this pic…he was leaving my home. It took me awhile to realize that.

I was a reluctant homeschooler to say the least. It was not what I desired, not what I wanted for my family. Life isn’t usually about what I WANT, but I tend to try to change God’s mind sometimes.

Our early days of homeschooling were far from pleasant. It was a bit of a burden for me and I secretly longed to have “free time” to fulfill my selfish desires {which at the time was being the leader of the children’s ministry at our church}.

I excused my selfish attitude since I figured God must obviously want me in ministry at our church-why on earth would he want me at home with just one child? Little did I know. Fast forward a bit {you are welcome to go to my blog and fill in some of the details with my recent “The History of 1+1+1=1” posts} and I learned that what I wanted was not what God wanted {imagine that}. I went through a rough transition that was very difficult emotionally, physically, and spiritually. This battle resulted with an amazing light at the end of the tunnel and that is the light I bask in daily now. The light of LOVING our life of homeschooling.

No, it isn’t always easy, honestly most days it totally wears me out. But I am 100% certain, without a doubt ~ this is God’s calling for our family. I have totally embraced my role as teacher-mom. Right underneath my relationship with God and my husband, homeschooling is my top priority and #1 ministry. It really hit me near the beginning of last year when I glanced down at my 3 beauties and realized that the calling on my life was huge. Even with only 3, my job was important and worthwhile. It was my job to raise these little Rock Stars!

My blog, 1+1+1=1, has been a HUGE part of my homeschooling life and I thank God for the journey He has taken me online. My blog also allows me to serve others outside of my home, while also keeping my main ministry AT HOME. Since my blog is focused on homeschooling, it naturally fits with NO stress on me at all.

I want to encourage any of you who are feeling this pull from God to homeschool, but are a bit scared about what it looks like or what it means. I know many people who read my blog think I have it all {or mostly} together and that I probably have always loved homeschooling. I wanted to share my difficult beginning so that you could see, even a mom who LOVES homeschooling now ~ didn’t necessarily start out that way.

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  1. Liz Reveal says:

    Thank you for sharing this because honestly I was in your exact shoes…I never even imagine myself doing this thing homeschooling. God has had another plan I am trying to relax and trust God to lead me in the right direction because I have no clue what I am doing but God does. Thank you! My daughter starts her tot school in a few weeks and I can’t wait!
    God Bless & Thank you! You are a blessing!

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