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Eclectic by nature

I’ve been homeschooling for 11 years now, and almost every year has been different. I’m an eclectic homeschooler- using methods and curricula that best fit our need each year. I do not fit into any one category, but not by choice…it’s just my nature.

I admire and use methods from the Charlotte Mason philosophy- mostly short lessons, living books and narrations. I also borrow quite a bit from the Classical homeschool philosophy- preferring to teach history in chronological order and using time lines. I’ve used Montessori methods with my very young children- loving the 3 period lesson and hands-on Math. I also have this deep-seated love for workbooks- we use Abeka health reader/workbooks and workbooks for writing I picked up at our local bookstore.
This school year I structured our homeschool around Sonlight Curriculum, using its schedule of great books for History & Literature as a skeleton to build our daily learning adventures around. I chose this route because of its literature-rich focus, and because its schedule would keep me moving in a timely manner (something I struggle with, again-by nature).

If I were a more structured person, I’d probably be a unit study homeschooler. I’m not, so instead I’ve used the year schedule as jumping off points to have in-depth fun with a few chosen subjects.

This year we explored the world of Charlemagne and inventions of his time, painted detailed maps of Viking exploration & settlements and even measured out a viking ship. We reveled in the whole castle era and jumped into science experiments such as owl pellet dissection and crystal growing.

Just as all families look and function differently, so also homeschool families function and use different materials successfully. I am a firm believer in using the right tool to reach each student at their individual skill level.

My biggest lesson after homeschooling many years? –Plan. Fail to plan, then plan to fail– is, unfortunately for me, true. My artsy-meandering- learning ways get easily derailed and my little side-trips often push our {loose} schedule way into summer. I’d gently encourage moms to take some time to plan-not only which books you will be using, but touch-points each month to make sure you stay on track.

I homeschool over at -you can visit and read more in depth about my ongoing curricula/workbook lust…

* thank you Jenn! Please visit Jenn’s site – you will be greatly blessed! If you would like to guest post and share what homeschool looks like in your house – please email us! We want to show the different styles and approaches that make homeschooling so unique and wonderful!

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