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What Homeschooling Has Taught Me about Me
People always talk about how homeschooling affects kids – positively or negatively – but what we don’t usually hear is how homeschooling affects the homeschooling parent. Well, no rx except that time a certain relative said that if I didn’t homeschool, I’d have more time to clean house, but let’s not go there.
Since we began homeschooling in 2002, I’ve learned quite a bit about myself.
I can be patient. I found myself outside talking to a neighbor just a few weeks before we officially began homeschooling. I told her that, if she came home one day to yellow police tape surrounding the house, she’d know that one of us, Brianna or me, didn’t make it.
Thankfully, eight years later, there’s never been any police tape surrounding my house.
Really, I’ve discovered that our worst day of homeschooling isn’t any worse than the worst day of helping with homework. I still remember that day. My oldest was in Kindergarten. It involved a blank 100 number grid she was supposed to fill in. We’re both still slightly traumatized when we see a blank 100 number grid.
I am creative. I never really thought I was the creative sort, but I’ve discovered that I’m just not especially crafty. Creative, yes; crafty, no. That means that I sometimes come up with really cool hands-on projects…they just don’t always turn out like I’d envisioned. I take pictures and blog about the ones that do.
Not only is there the homeschool project side of creative, but I’ve also discovered creative outlets that I enjoyed as a kid, but that I never made time for after having kids, such as drawing and photography. I’m not spectacular at either, but I really enjoy indulging in both. It’s been nice to reconnect with my creative side. It’s also been a fun way of setting an example for the kids to do the same.
I can follow through on plans. I’ve always been great at organizing and planning, but not so great at follow through. As a homeschool mom, though, I have discovered that I can follow through. It may require some determination on my part, but it’s not something of which I am incapable. I can do it. I wonder if it’s not that discovery about myself that has helped me stick with my weight-loss program and lose 64 of the 95 pounds that I hope to lose by the end of the year.
I can be flexible. I don’t like change. I don’t like strict schedules, but I do like sameness, routine, and predictability. I don’t like to have to rearrange my neatly typed schedules…but I can. It took me awhile to learn, but I can sacrifice my schedule – school or personal – for the good of my family. Copy and paste is my friend. And I only break into hives just a little bit.
I enjoy learning. I love learning alongside my kids! I’m not sure if I missed a lot in my own education or if I just forgot a lot – I’d guess it’s a little of both, but I don’t remember ever learning about the cool stuff like ancient Egypt – but I learn just as much as the kids do most of the time. I hated history in school, now it’s my favorite subject to teach…and, I sincerely hope, one of my kids’ favorite subjects to learn. And, science? Well, I enjoyed it in high school thanks to labs, but I’m loving studying it with my kids. I’m right there with them, fighting for my turn to look through the microscope.
I am not a superhero. I heard twice in the same day recently that I was a couple of moms’ “hero” because I homeschool. Let me tell you, I’m no superhero. I can’t do it all. When school is “in session,” I focus on making that my priority. That means that there may be laundry spilling over the sides of the hamper, dirty dishes piled in the sink, and dust so thick you can write your name in it (and there’s a good chance that someone has). When it gets too bad, if we can’t catch up on the weekends, we may take a “life skills” day just to clear the clutter so that I’m not on the brink of insanity. So, if I am a superhero, my cape and tights have become permanently lost under a pile of school books or in that mysterious place where all the single missing socks hang out. It’s not washed, pressed and hanging neatly in my closet, though.
Those are just some of the things I’ve learned about myself courtesy of our homeschool lifestyle. What has homeschooling taught you about yourself? If you’re just getting starting, hold on! It’s a wild ride and, you’ll soon discover, it’s about much more than educating your children academically.
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