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Please welcome our guest post from Maggie at A Bokros Kind of Life.

When I think about how to describe our home school, the word that first comes to mind is flexible. A very close second to flexible is holistic. I think a snapshot of our last year might give you a better idea of how these two words apply to our home school.

This time last year I was just recovering from a debilitating four months of morning sickness, with the pregnancy of our fourth daughter. As you can imagine very little formal schooling occurred during those four months. I was doing good to keep everyone clean and fed. What we all learned during this time were a few very valuable life lessons: how families function as a team, how to serve each other as God calls us to do and the value of play (you know the kind….undirected, unplanned, full of imagination, hours on end).

Once I started feeling normal again we “hit the books”. For us this means a semi-structured (always use the term structured loosely, when it comes to little ones!) day of morning chores, Bible, math, reading, writing, etc. We usually try and squeeze in some time outside before lunch. During lunch I read out loud to the girls or we listen to an audio series and discuss what we have heard or read. After lunch is quiet time for big kids and nap time for little ones. The older girls can use this time to finish up school work they didn’t complete in the morning, if they need to. This is our Monday through Thursday schedule. Friday’s are for fun and last year that was music class for my two older girls. This year we have science class, piano and ballet on Fridays.

We schooled non-stop until the day before our fourth daughter was born in mid November. My plan was to have the holiday months off of school and hopefully all the “new baby” adjustments would be made and we would start back in January. But of course things do not always (hardly ever) go as planned! It’s difficult to do school with a newborn who has extreme colic! So during those long four months of soothing our new baby and my frazzled nerves we did lots of simple unit lessons, lapbooking, character training, reading, games, and occasionally (on good days) visits to the library and the zoo.

Currently we have had a couple of months off for summer break and we are gearing up to start back in two weeks! This year is the first year that I will be using a full curriculum for all subjects. I just recently purchased everything at our local Homeschool Convention. I’m so excited! I think it will help to ensure I am covering everything that I need to, without all the work of putting it together on my own.

I hope this gives you an idea of what school is like in our home. I love that our school can be flexible as the circumstances and needs of our family change. I also love that in the down times, where not as much formal schooling may be taking place, we can focus our time on things like character training, serving one another and interests like sewing, cooking and dance – creating a holistic education.

God does not waste anything big or small in our lives and so we purpose to do the same in educating our children. Thanks for the opportunity to share what homeschool looks like in our home!

Thank you Maggie – what a beautiful post! Please be sure to check out Maggie’s blog at A Bokros Kind of Life.

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