Guest Post – Ryan

Please welcome our Friday guest, buy cialis Ryan, healing from Alpha Omega Publications.

As I type this, Twitter has seen 1141 tweets tagged #homeschool just in the last few days, potentially reaching over 30,000 people. Facebook boasts over 500 pages and over 500 groups just about homeschooling alone. Hundreds of bloggers have themed their entire websites around homeschooling. And people like me get to enjoy it all, every minute of every day.
You may know who I am, you might not, but I was asked to contribute to this wonderful little corner of the web and wanted to take some time to introduce myself. I’m Ryan, currently the Social Media Specialist for Alpha Omega Publications. Even more so, I’m a believer in our Savior, thankful husband of over seven years, and a proud daddy to my two-and-a-half year old daughter, who I’ll call Ladybug.
I am blessed with the extreme joy of managing the Facebook and Twitter communities for Alpha Omega Publications. It has become so fun for me to observe, join in when appropriate, and to laugh and cry with many of you as I watch your extreme passion to homeschool your precious children shine forth in the online world.
I have loved watching as so many of you poured out your stories on how to homeschool special needs children on our Facebook page. I have loved reading the blog posts and twitter updates on all of the first school days and back to school traditions. I have loved getting to know a handful of you a little bit more personally and would love to get to know even more of you. So today, it’s your turn to get to know me a little better. Sit back, and watch the transformation of a skeptic to a believer.
I was hired by Alpha Omega Publications in January of 09 as a graphic designer. I didn’t have any homeschooling experience, but I loved design, art in general, and creativity, and was thankful to be able to work for a creative company. I had always been a fan of Twitter and Facebook (even before working for AOP, using them to connect with friends and to share thoughts about music and worship ministry, my nighttime passion. We were growing increasingly interested in the potential of social media to get to know customers and open a direct communication channel for the company, and started looking for a social media specialist. I gave a presentation to the marketing group on the power of Twitter, and the rest, as they say, is history.
Since beginning to observe and interact with many of you online, I have come to have a deep appreciation and love for all of you who homeschool your children. Your fire and drive for what you believe in is incredible. Your willingness to help each other is a motivation to me every day. Your “won’t-back-down” resolve to educate your kids in the way you believe is right is inspiring beyond belief.
So, I just wanted to take the time to say thank you. Thank you for interacting with us on Twitter and Facebook. Thank you for using our curriculum, if you do. Thank you for choosing to homeschool at all! And most of all, thank you to opening the eyes of a daddy and husband who loves his wife and daughter to the possibility and truth that homeschooling happens every minute of every day, no matter if it’s “official” or not.

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