Hands of a Child Plants Note Pack Review

I was given a copy of the Plants Note Pack pdf for free in order to do this review but the experienced shared and opinions are my own and were not influenced by receiving this item for free.

Plants note pack Review

This pack came at a very good time for us as my 10 year old son Snuggle Puppy had decided that he wanted to learn about plants for his Science Fair project. The Plants Note Pack from Hands of a Child actually gave us some direction on where he wanted to go and what he wanted to learn about.

Though he did some additional experiments and activities, the Plants Notebooking Pack was the foundation for his project.

One thing I really liked about this pack was that there were so many sheets of different activities that it was easy to find ones that interested him and suited his level. As his language is delayed for his age, completing the entire pack would have been too much for him, but using it in the way that we did in doing just the sheets that were applicable to his project and ability level worked really well!

IMG_1304As Snuggle Puppy struggles with writing, the small very defined areas made it easier for him to provide answers.

IMG_1305For this notebook page, he dictated to me and I wrote, detailing his science experiment with plants.

I found this notebook pack easy to work with and appropriate for middle to upper elementary students. I have used several of Hands of a Child’s packs in the past, though I have mainly purchased their lapbooks and really enjoyed working with those. I liked the open-endedness of this project pack and my son found it fairly easy to work with.

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