Having a Hands on Easter

Having a Hands on Easter

hands on Easter activities for kids

I don’t know about you but Easter and Christmas are my two favorite holidays.  They’re the only holidays that my family consistently DOES something.  You know crafts, learns about it, reads about it.  Partially because I have so many happy memories about those two holidays from when I was a kid, but also because they’re the two big Christian holidays.  They’re the ones I’ve always celebrated.


And since I’ve always celebrated them, I assume that everyone wants their kids to learn and celebrate these holidays as much as I want to…..


Books to Read

  • Benjamin’s Box: The Story of the Resurrection Eggs. If you have Resurrection Eggs (more on that in a minute), this is a great book to go along with it.  It’s the story of Benjamin who happens to be following along behind Jesus the entire Holy Week.
  • The Parable of the Lily – Through the story of a lily growing you are told about forgiveness and grace.  Though, I have to say my Easter lilies in my yard never bloom on Easter, more like May.
  • Easter at Our House -a great book for pre-schoolers.  It talks through what to expect on Easter morning and what different people do.
  • Easter Surprise: A Lift-The-Flap Board Book – This is solidly for pre-schoolers.  And young ones at that, but it’s been a favorite in my house for years.  It tells the Easter story in a friendly way for pre-schoolers.
  • Easter Is for Me! – This book goes through the events of Holy Week, but makes sure to point every single part of it back to the fact that Jesus went through this for you.
  • The First Easter – another book that goes through the events of Holy Week, I especially love the illustrations in this one.  They’re gorgeous acrylic paintings.
  • Humphrey’s First Palm Sunday – I don’t have this one,  yet…..  I have the first book in this series, “Humphrey’s First Christmas,” and it’s a great book.  I think this is now on my to buy list…..  It’s a very long list.
  • The Week That Led to Easter – Arch Books – Just like the title says, this is about the week that led to Easter.  I’d say it’s written on a late 2nd/early 3rd reading level, the rhyme can be a little clunky at times, but I like Arch Books.  If you have never read any Arch books, I highly recommend them.  There’s a couple of other Easter Arch books, but I don’t know the individual titles for them.

Resurrection Eggs Activities

If you haven’t heard of Resurrection Eggs, there are many places to make your own, here’s my quick google search results:


Family Devotionals

I love family devotionals because I grow so much in my walk with Christ when I’m teaching my kids or my Sunday School class.


Lenten Ideas

This will be too late for this year, or at least too late for the whole Lent season, but there’s a lot of ideas you can incorporate into others.


Craft Ideas

My kids live and breathe crafts, so I always try to find one or two to incorporate.

Do you have a favorite Easter craft, devotional, or idea I’ve missed?  I’m always on the look out for a new way to teach my kids about Easter.

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