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If you’d like to join in the book club for Journeys of Faithfulness by Sarah Clarkson, feel free to join in at anytime. You can find the reading schedule for the 12 week book club at the end of this post, along with additional printables for each week.

Being taken to the palace to be groomed as a potential queen was probably the last thing that Esther ever anticipated in her quiet life with her uncle. Ripped from all that was familiar, the palace and the expectations in front of her, must have made Esther feel that God had abandoned her.

How could God have allowed this to happen to her? Can you even imagine all that must have been going through her mind? The questions she asked God. Knowing life would never be as she had envisioned.

Although Esther faced an unbelievably difficult situation, her faith and trust in God must have been something to emulate. I truly believe that she was beautiful not only externally – but that God’s grace and love poured from her very being, drawing others to her in ways they did not understand.

“She had lost everything from her old life, but instead of shriveling up in a ball, she made the choice to live, to love, and to seek and obey the will of her Lord.”

p. 134, Sarah Clarkson, Journeys of Faithfulness

We may not be in a place that is foreign to us in the sense that Esther was, but there are times in our lives when we are placed in difficult situations {maybe in our church family life or the work arena}. It can be difficult to trust God at times in our discouragement and disappointment.

“Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.”

Romans 12:12

How do you keep your spiritual faith alive in difficult situations? Are there things that help you overcome problems?  

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Be sure to download a copy of the journal pages to go along with the book. For those of you reading on a Kindle or reading with your daughters, these will come in handy! Each week, I’ll be sharing the printables for the next week, so check back weekly for updates. ~ Journeys of Faithfulness book club Facebook page – come share your thoughts during the week! ~ Download a few printables here:

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